The Elder Scrolls Online Preview

Developed by Zenimax online studios, Elder Scrolls online really brings back the ‘knight in shining armors’ days back to life. It takes back the gamers to periods that prevailed a hundred decades ago and have given great importance to details. It depicts the world of Everquest or Warcraft to the tee. Unlike many ‘war’ games, this game will be more colorful and less detailed.

The storyline:

So, when you pick a historical war book or movie, what do you expect? You will expect a country in unrest, a powerful villain, a courageous soldier and a beautiful princess. Very little information is known about the plot.

Tamriel a fictional continent is the background set for Elder Scroll. The country is in a state of unrest without a ruler. A few clans decide to improve their sword skills and expand their territories. There are two major clans, one is the Imperial who join hands with the dignified Tharn family and Mannimarco to bring the whole country under the Imperial rule. On the other hand, Mannimarco form a secret alliance with Molag Bal, a Daedric Prince to bring Tamriel under their control.

As a player, your character will be an adventurer whose soul was stolen by Molag Bal. the ultimate price is to get your soul back to bring back peace to Tamriel. Once you reach the top level by stopping Molag Bal from taking over the country, the emperor throne will be empty and it is high time to take the throne with your group. However, reaching that stage is not a cake walk. The entire country will be infested by Molag Bal’s Daedras. When your group takes over Tamriel, the person who fought or contributed the most will be crowned the Emperor. However, the details on the contribution are not out yet. If you have to become the King, you have to be way up the leadership order.

Tamriel, the place where Elder Scrolls online takes place:

Tamriel is a country divided into nine provinces known as High Rock, Skyrim (the place where The Elder Scrolls 5 took place), Hammorfoll, Cyrodiil, Morrowino, Black Marsh, Elsweyr and Valenwood. A few provinces may be unavailable or may appear in a smaller size. The game is set in 2nd Era which is the same period as the Elder Scrolls Adventures. This particular Era doesn’t have a King and Cyodriil is always in a state of unrest.

The factions you can take part in:

You will be able to choose one from the three available factions. Each faction has several clans in it from various parts of Tamriel. These clans have formed alliances to overthrow the fourth faction. This fourth who cannot play is the adversary of the game.

A few highlight changes from previous Elder Scroll games:

  • The game can be viewed from a third person’ perspective.
  • The games are not available in real time.
  • Investing in property as available in single player games is not yet included in this game.
  • Though there will be Vampires and Werewolves, people will not get any disease from these supernatural beings.

In short, the game will be really interesting for many players and the end-reward is promising: they have high chances of becoming Tamriel’s future ruler!
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