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Marvel unveiled the ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer


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Rumour: Google Will Launch Android 4.2 Nexus

The latest rumour on internet is that Google will be launching an Android 4.2-based 10″Nexus tablet during its 29th October event. The device will have a screen with a resolution of 2560×1600. Detailed specs are not yet available.

As reported earlier, Google is slated to introduce Android 4.2, initially known as Key Lime Pie, the next version of Jelly Bean.

The Android event will begin at 10 am EST in the US (8:30 pm IST) on 29th October. If you can’t make it to New York, don’t worry — the entire event will be webcast live at

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How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Some people spend many hours writing a blog and sharing it across various social networks with the hope of getting tones of shares and comments. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for some bloggers. Failing to get comments and shares can be demoralizing to a blogger. However, there are strategies that can be used to get more comment on a blog.

Strategies for getting more comments on your blog

Research properly

Detailed research is very important for any blogger. You should not only research about the content of the topic that intend to write on, but about the success of other blogs as well. There are blogs that get more visitors, comments and shares than others. You can be a frequent visitor of such blogs to learn the tactics they use to draw more audience. Although you need to be original in your blogging, such blogs can give you important insights to guide you in improving your blog. You may learn something that you have not been doing or what you have been doing in a wrong manner.

Drive traffic to your blog

You cannot get comments unless people visit your blog. Therefore, find out more about effective strategies for drawing more visitors to your blog. Come up with effective ways of building audience for your blog. You can use social media and other means of attracting more people to your blog. You also need to be a frequent blogger to ensure retention of audience. Therefore, keep your audience anticipating for regular publications and do not fail them. Your visitors will comment on the blog based on what they learn after visiting and reading your articles.

Publish fresh content

Although you should keep your audience anticipating, they should not be able to predict what you will talk about. Therefore, conduct thorough research before choosing the topic to write about. Be keen on current happenings to have fresh ideas suitable for the contemporary context. This will enable you to come up with unique and topical content in your blog. Fresh content is more likely to result to diverse opinion from the audience. This will lead to conversation and interaction among the audience in form of comments.

Respond to other bloggers

You may read a post of another blogger and get ideas from their topic or content. You can excerpt a paragraph from such bloggers to write content that looks like a response to their views. Have a link in your comment that drive audience of that blogger to your blog. However, let the blogger know that you are linking them. Also write something that will let the audience know what you are linking them to.

Be interactive

To ensure that you keep your audience interested, respond to their comment. After posting on your blog, you may notice a reader who has written a comment after a short while. It is important that you respond to such a comment. This will show them that you value their attention. In addition, it will depict opinions of two different people drawing attention of more readers.

Establish a network

If you have friends and family members who are interested in topics you write about, let them know about it. This will ensure that they comment on very post that you write. In case you have friends who are bloggers, you can ask them to read your posts. However, you also have to keep reading their posts and leaving comments. Nevertheless, this enables you to establish a network that will guarantee you comments every time you post on your blog.

Write content that readers can relate to

When establishing a blog you have a target audience in mind. Therefore, always ensure that you write content that readers will relate to. Have them in mind when doing your research and even when compiling your finding into a final blog post.

Have contest and polls on your blog

You can have polls whose outcomes will be determined by the responses of the audience. You may also have contests in which random prizes are given to readers who leave comments after reading a blog post.

Basically, there are many ways that can be used to get more comments on a blog. However, their suitability may depend on the target audience. Therefore, it is always important to have the target audience in mind while writing blog posts and choosing means of attracting audience and comments.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online consultant for Maxwell Systems that provides construction software solutions . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.

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