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Cool Smartphone Apps Supporting Charitable Causes

4 mobile ways to support your favorite nonprofits

So what’s your charitable cause? Is it animals like me? Or is it the homeless, women with breast cancer, children with learning disabilities, food for the elderly, or perhaps saving Mother Earth?

Regardless of the cause close to your heart, there is a charity to support it. It’s how you decide to give to your charity cause that really matters. Be it via volunteering, monetary donations, or maybe both, charities rely on the graciousness of other people in order to run and help those they represent. The good news is that your smartphone app can actually help you help your favorite charitable cause.

Here are four smartphone apps that you can download for free to support your favorite nonprofit.

1. VolunteerMatch (Free – for iPhone)

Any nonprofit organization will tell you that their volunteers are at the heart of their organization. Most charities don’t have the money or paid manpower to run charity events, get donations, and etc., so they depend on the goodness of volunteers to keep them lucrative. The VolunteerMatch app helps volunteers find charity opportunities in their area. And with more than 89,000 organizations and a variety of causes to give your time to, there’s no excuse not to get involved and start helping those in need of your special skills.

2. Global Giving (Free – for iPhone)

If you’re seeking specific grassroots organizations around the world in which to lend a hand (i.e., building homes for habitat for humanity) or give monetary donations then the Global Giving app can give you a global perspective. This app searches the map by theme so you can quickly find and donate to the cause of your choice. For those not sold on one particular charity, this app also features a different project regularly that you can explore and donate to if you deem them worthy. And a really neat feature is that once you give, you’ll receive updates on the progress that the charity has made so you can see the true impact of your kindness.

3. Charity Miles (Free – for Android)

If you like to walk, run, bike, or swim for charity then the Charity Miles app is right up your alley. So strap on those sneakers and use this tool to track how many miles you bike, run or walk and earn 25 cents per mile (for walking and running) and 10 cents a mile (for biking). The user can then apply their earning toward a charity. Organizations can sign up to be a part of the app by contacting Charity Miles. Currently this app is for iPhones on any service provider and on most Android devices, including the Android tablet from T-Mobile. The app is free and is constantly adding new charities and organizations to their list.

4. Instead (Free – for Android & iPhone)

If you don’t know what a micro-donation is, but have always wanted to give something other than cold hard cash to charities, check out Instead. This app asks for a different kind of monetary donations—items like coffee, food, toys, or any other such items. The reasoning behind Instead is that if you give coffee as your donation, you’ll give up your $5 frappacinno every day, and instead give that amount to your favorite charity. The same would go for eating out if you give food and buying expensive kid’s toys if you want to see your donation go to needy children. To use Instead, just fill out your credit card information to use the one-click donate button. My mom and I do this right from our T-mobile Samsung cell phones. This app really puts what we want and what we need in perspective.

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HTC J Butterfly: 5″ 1080p display

Ending weeks of rumours and speculation, HTC have officially announced their first big phone of the holiday season. Apologies for the pun, but the new J Butterfly packs a 5″ 1080p that has to be seen to be believed. Speaking at an event in Tokyo, the corporation confirmed the rumours that they were working on such a phone and also mentioned that the display at its heart would be making its way to other handsets soon.

The phone’s 1920 x 1080 display is quite something, capable of playing Blurays and other full HD content at fully quality, without stretching. The phone is built on Super LCD 3 technology, a hearty follow-up to the One X’s LCD 2. The One X was widely considered to be an excellent display and by some to be the best contemporary smartphone display, but the new tech looks to have surpassed it with an excellent increase in resolution and better colour accuracy as well.

The J Butterfly has some impressive hardware inside as well. The phone is powered by the quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor we saw on the Optimus G, as well as 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage augmented by up to 32 GB of micro SD. There is an 8 megapixel f/2.0 camera on the back and the wide angle 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera we’re expecting on the HTC 8X. The phone also includes LTE support. All of this is powered by a 2,020 mAh battery, which may prove to be the only weakpoint of the phone, depending on the displays power demands.

The J Butterfly looks like a convincing first 5″ 1080p phone and hopefully we’ll see this standard grow as quickly as 720p did this year. 440 pixels per inch is an awesome figure, and makes a convincing case against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which looks dated with its 5.5″ 720p display!

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