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Shortcodeservices – Necessary for Every Business

Shortcode Services are nothing but special telephone number services. They are also known as short number services. Today many companies prefer using these features for advertising, communicating with their staff or for many other reasons.  They are shorter than the normal telephone numbers and are used for quick messaging.

It is considered to be one of the most inexpensive techniques for marketing your products. When compared to media and newspaper advertisement methods, shortcode services are only less expensive but often provide better results.  Companies can now send thousands of messages to their clients, without having to incur any major costs.

They are usually 5 digit SMS services that are quite easy to remember.  With the increase in the number of handset users, this technique has become a major success. Customers are also happy as they get a personalized message that informs them of some special discounted offers.  Instead of walking in to each and every store, they can directly walk in to the store and purchase a product of their choice. This saves considerable time for them, and enhances their shopping experience.

What is Prefix?

These shortcode services are associated with prefix, which helps in identifying the service provider. It is an automated service and is quite simple to use. It is because of this reason why marketing and other promotional companies prefer to go with this method. The sender has to follow the instructions, so that they can easily send group messages for their customers, in an effective manner. This is because this prefix your messages are easily delivered to the desired group of people, within no time.

Shortcode Services and Companies:

The service is quite feasible and easy to operate. Thus big organizations prefer purchasing huge shortcode service packages. The management can then send important group messages to all their employees. It can be about a party, gathering, meeting, transport messages or many others.

With this technique, they save time, effort and money. All they need is their employees’ telephone number, to send the text. In conventional technique, a staff of the company will have to manual call every employee or type in the message personally. It is feasible if the organization is small and there is limited staff.

On the other hand, if there is a large staff, then it will be a highly daunting task. Calling them on their contact number is again an expensive thing. Keeping in mind all such reasons, Shortcode services are much preferred over the other techniques.

Importance of Group Messages:

There are many companies that allow trail period offers to their potential clients. During this time they can learn the procedure and understand the methodology. Once they are satisfied with the services they can purchase a package that will suit their business needs in the best possible manner. You can look around for service providers who offer this service at the lowest price.

If you are a job consultant, then you can never miss upon this service.  You can effortlessly send the message to all your potential candidates, at one go. You can let them know the date, time, venue, and other details of the company as well. All you need to do is choose the mobile numbers of the candidates that you have on your database and send them the message.

Stop Facilities:

These services come with a stop option. If the recipient is not happy with the messages or doesn’t want to receive any of them, they can stop it. They can type in a message of STOP and send it back to the same number. However, this message is chargeable.

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Kevin is a marketing professional who works in a top media firm. He likes blogging about various marketing tools and techniques including shortcode services. In his free time, Kevin likes to work on his fitness and go on long walks along the countryside.

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