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The New Samsung Series 9

Love them or hate them, the folks at Samsung have some really impressive products. From their smartphones to laptops, it looks like they have a product for everyone. They also manufacture really good display devices, such as computer monitors and HDTV’s.

One realm they’re really good at is making ultrabooks. Positioned as the direct competitor to Apple’s MacBook Air, ultrabooks are designed to be fast, light and very responsive.

With that in mind, Samsung’s ultrabooks are considered to be one of the best ultrabooks around. We’ll look at their new Series 9 to see if that’s true.


The Series 9 is one of the sleekest looking ultrabooks around. Featuring a flat black finish made from aluminum, the Series 9 stands out because of its elegant styling.

This laptop also happens to be one of the thinnest around. How thin? An amazing 0.51 inches thick, or rather, ‘thin.’ This means the laptop is also just an amazing 2.61 pounds light.

This laptop is perfect for those who only need a laptop for basic tasks on the go, and have a powerful desktop at home.


Being a premium ultrabook, you get a premium display. You have a 13.3 – inch display with a nice resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. While it may not be 1080p, remember that it makes everything look smaller, so 900p is just about right.

It features a matte surface and the display is made by Seiko – Epsom, one of the best manufacturers of displays. Not only is the screen bright, but it also looks great thanks to the reduced glare. It features PLS technology, which is a step above IPS displays.

Thanks to the premium display, you get great viewing angles. The middle offers the best viewing experience, but the sides are also good if you need to move your head. Pushing it forward still yields good results.


Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are a big step for laptops. While Ivy Bridge desktop processors are generally more improved thanSandy Bridge, it seems like Intel paid more attention to laptops this time around.

This laptop comes with an ultra – low voltage processor from Intel to save battery life. This processor is the i7 – 3517U. It’s a dual – core processor that is sure to keep you satisfied for a long time. While it performs admirably on everyday tasks, you might want to go a different route if you need apowerhouse.

Since this is an ultrabook, you don’t get any graphics cards. That doesn’t mean this laptop can’t play games though. Well it sure can, but it does have limited playability. For example, Sleeping Dogs can be played with everything on low at 25 fps at 768p. Valve games fare better though, with Counter – Strike Global Offensive running at 28.2 on High, still at 768p.

If you plan on playing games, you’d best stick to games that don’t require any taxing visuals.

For memory, you get 4 GB which is enough for everyday stuff. Storage comes from a Lite – On 256 GB mSATA SSD. It’s very fast and provides you all of the responsiveness of a typical SSD.


This laptop is one of the most elegant ultrabooks out there. Samsung has put a lot of thought into its design. From the looks alone, you know you’re in for a treat with this laptop. 


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