Android or iOs: Which is the best?

IOS is the developed for the Apple’s iPhone and Android is the Google operating system which is used by many smart phone manufacturers for their mobiles. Some of the best things to be known about both the operating system are listed in the current article.


Android Operating system:

  • It is the mobile operating system designed for the smart phones, tablet computers. It is by developed by the Google and Open Handset Alliance.
  •  Initially designed by Android Inc, later on Google financially backed the Android Inc, and purchased it.
  • Google releases the Android code as open source under the licensee named Apache. It is the most popular mobile operating system.
  • Android is the open source operating system and used by mobile manufacturers.
  • You can use many apps as many as 600000 apps which are related to songs, books, movies and games which are available on the Google play.
  • You can put the important widgets within reach on home screen can use them when required.  It is easy to switch between the apps and to do whatever you are doing. Multi-tasking is made simple with the android OS.
  • You can capture the photos and videos and share to your favourite sites. You can browse faster and search whatever you want on the internet using the android tablet or mobile. Android OS is used by the best handset and tablet manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Asus Motorola etc.
  • One of the important feature of the android is that Google Now, it gives the all the information that you want and it is available on the android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Apple’s IOS:

  • This OS is used only for the apple’s devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPod, Apple TV. It is the world most advanced mobile operating system.
  •  It is having the user friendly interface. There are nearly 700000 apps available for the ios on the apps store.
  • It comes with many amazing features and built in apps some of them are Siri maps, music, face time, safari, air play game center.
  •  Siri apps is the unique feature of the apple apps which let you to voice search. Through voice search you can send messages, check latest scores, and more. You can ask any thing to do for siri it will do it for you; all you have to do is just ask it.
  •  The hardware and software are both developed by the apple and designed to work together. Some of the hard features of the ios are Retina display, multi touch interface three axis gryo accelerometer and many more.
  •   Another important feature of this OS is the iCloud which helps to store your music, photos, apps, mails, documents etc.
  •  IOS updates are also easy to update and free you can download wirelessly on your phone.
  • IOS devices works all over the world, it supports about thirty languages and you can also easily switch between one language to another language without facing any difficulty.

Many of the smart phones users will be confused which OS built in mobile to be purchased whether Apple’s ios or android. Deciding which OS is best can be a tough question to be answered.  Each of it is having its own and unique features, Apple iPhones are bit costly when compared to the Android smart phones. However you can take different short term loans like same day cash loans for the purchasing the smart phones.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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