How LinkedIn Can Leverage Your Business Profile

LinkedIn for SMEs

Massive global brands have utilised the many features of LinkedIn to help promote their businesses, but this form of social media platform is often overlooked by small companies as they do not understand how the network can be tailored to work for them.

The truth is, SMEs can benefit greatly from a LinkedIn account, with the advantages rivalling those who have accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here are five ways small businesses can use LinkedIn to get their companies up there with the best in their niche.

1. Increase Your Business Network

New and independent companies may have initial difficulty in attempting to create a strong network, not only with employees in the relevant fields, but also B2B relationships which are essential for growth.

LinkedIn makes this process much easier, especially for SMEs who lack a stable following. By adding existing contacts to your profile, as well as more established companies who have perhaps influenced certain aspects of your business venture, the networking aspect of LinkedIn will continue to grow your direct and third party contacts which will, in turn, increase visibility and traffic to your website.

2. Promote Products & Services

A later addition to LinkedIn, the “products” tab gives companies the opportunity to promote what it is that they do, whether that be product manufacture, product sales or the offering of services.

Using social media for promotion ensures visibility of these products and services is far greater and reaches a much wider audience than limiting promotion to a company website only. Becoming a well-known supplier, both in your area and in your chosen field, can lead to a much stronger following which is a necessity when hoping to boost a business profile.

3. Gain Access to Great Employees

Taking LinkedIn back to its original roots, the job board aspect of the social media site can be massively beneficial when searching for employees at the top of their game. Not only can it simplify the headhunting process, it can also be useful in finding those with a genuine interest in the products and services, the business niche or indeed the company itself.

SMEs who really wish to take the industry by storm can seek out employees who are somewhat of a celebrity in their field, with a huge online presence. LinkedIn can also be beneficial in seeing who rival companies have recently hired and what role they will be taking on in said company.

4. Solidify Your Credibility

This is a very simple way to boost your business profile but is anything but basic when it comes to effect. One of the major obstacles standing in the way of new and small businesses is that they do not have the reputation, and consumers are far more likely to want to deal with companies they are familiar with so they know they are not entering into some dodgy deal that is going to leave them vulnerable to theft.

Tech savvy consumers presented with a new business will strive to confirm credibility before purchasing, and the first place they will go to do that is social media. If a company has social media accounts with a good network behind them, it puts a consumer’s mind at rest and confirms they are who they say they are. Using LinkedIn in this way can greatly increase interest in your business.

5. Display Positive Reviews

Another more recent feature to the LinkedIn network, consumers are now able to review your products and services, giving others an honest insight into your business. LinkedIn members are also able to recommend specific products or services, which acts as yet another way of brand promotion and as a further way to boost credibility. LinkedIn is a free method of getting the word out there and if you are looking for a bit of leverage for your business profile, this is a fantastic way to do just that.

About The Author:
Amy Harrisis a writer for Expert Market – which offers a free service to businesses, providing a sourcing tool for finding office equipment and business services (like reasonable franking machines business prices). She enjoys helping assist businesses in sourcing products and services at an affordable rate.


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