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Why Ford Is Developing Technology to Avoid Traffic Jams

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile maker having it’s headquarter in Michigan, Dearborn which is recognized as a suburb of Detroit. The company sells it automobiles under two brand names Lincoln and Ford. Ford Motor Company is investigating, exploring and developing intellectual, next-generation driving technologies specifically designed to facilitate address future mobility challenges that draws closer with fast urbanization and population growth all over the world. The company is doing it as a blueprint for mobility and to meet up with the mobility challenges due to the overcrowded cities and streets.

The company is expanding its sector and investigating on Traffic Jam Assist which is an intelligent driving aspect that puts into everything from technology to features that are already available in all the cars recognized under this brand. Ford already holds features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Park Assist, Ford Powershift transmission and Lane Keeping Aid to keep up the same pace with the other leading automakers.

The company’s other prototypes such as an advanced version of active park assist and Traffic Jam Assist came up to provide perpendicular hands free parking. It is basically designed in such a manner so that it can interact with the surroundings of the vehicle, lessen the stress of the driver and facilitate you to reduce traffic gridlock.

The Ford’s chief technical executive and the vice president in Research and Innovation Paul Mascarenas said that developing these kinds of technologies is a part of the first step in any journey toward a more connected and improved future. It’s an undertaking that is believed to save much of time, conserve the resources, lower emissions, enhance safety and help reduce driver stress.

To further emphasize on the significance that Ford is giving on enhancing the safety for the drivers together with the passengers, the company will be the very first automaker to initiate seatbelt airbags on a conventional car. This kind of safety feature opportunity will be present in the future Ford Mondeo model that will come up for sale in Europe in the year 2013.

The thought unites the conventional seatbelt together with the airbag technology in turn to put forward an additional level of protection guard for rear-seat inhabitants. The data that was released by the brand Ford features that the inflatable lap belt set up in 40 milliseconds and stretches the crash force above an area is five times bigger than the conventional seatbelts.

The Traffic Jam Assist technology makes use of radar as well as camera to help the auto keep proper pace with the other vehicles in case there is traffic and offers automated steering control to keep the driver stress free.

Joseph Urhahne, engineer with Ford Research and Innovation said “that the drivers use up more than 30 percent of their time in heavy traffic on any busy roads. Traffic Jam Assist could help make traveling through congested roads a more comforting experience and by keeping tempo with the flow of traffic potentially will help reduce road congestion.”

The new innovative system will help to keep the drivers calm and allow them to focus on their driving. Thus, you can reach your destination much faster.

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Jad is associated with many car and technology communities including this automobile blog and love to write articles about Cars and Bikes.He is passionate about cars like Jaguar, BMW and you can check his blog for more details.

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Gaming this Christmas

So, Christmas is right around the corner, you have a slew of family and friends to shop for, and you have no idea what to get anyone? Not to worry! From the most high-tech of gaming systems to inexpensive plug and play TV games to time-killing apps and games for cellular devices, there are endless (and highly entertaining) possibilities for everyone of every age group on your shopping list.

Nintendo has outdone themselves this holiday season by announcing that they will be releasing the Wii U right before Christmas. This game console is truly unlike any other in existence, using a hand-held touchscreen controller with the console itself to provide a unique experience. The touchscreen controller, or GamePad, is compatible with the Wii Remote Plus, Wii Balance Board, and Wii Nunchuck. The GamePad can be used on its own or to supplement a game on the television. It can also be used for voice and video calls, as a drawing pad, and so much more. Wii U is compatible with all your Wii games, like Wii Fit, Lego Batman, and Super Mario Galaxy.

PlayStation released the PS Vita, a strictly handheld device, earlier this year. With two analog sticks, a directional pad, and a set of classic PlayStation buttons, this device has the familiar feel you’ve grown to love, but with a new twist. It features a rear touch pad, stereo speakers, front and rear cameras, a microphone, and motion detection. The battery lasts three to five hours which is perfect for the kids or for long journeys. It is compatible with a ton of amazing game titles, and is backwards compatible with PlayStation Portable games.

If buying a system isn’t in your budget, never fear! Plug and play devices are a very frugal Christmas gift that offer the same entertainment for a fraction of the cost of an expensive console. Simply put, a plug and play game is a controller that contains games, so by plugging the controller in to your TV you’re able to play without a console. One of the most popular options for plug and play devices is Retro Arcade by Namco, bringing over a dozen old-school titles straight to your TV. If musical games are your thing, check out Guitar Fever, another plug and play title.

Another inexpensive gamer gift option is a Google Play gift card which will allow Android users to purchase games, applications, themes, and music from the Google Play store. For iPhone users, an iTunes gift card will do the same.

Everyone loves gifts in the form of entertainment, and you can rest assured that by providing such modern and fun presents, you’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa!

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Benefiting from Enterprise Data Warehousing

Reporting and analysis are integral part of virtually all and every business process, especially those that play a role in decision making, while enterprise data warehousing provides the basis for performing reliable and comprehensive analysis that generates unified reports within an organization where information is collected from different sources. Even small and medium sized enterprises often cannot cope with the vast amounts of information that flow into their corporate databases with corporations collecting data from numerous sources that utilize different data models.


By maintaining a copy of the data in its repository, an enterprise data warehouse is able to deal with issues related to third-party systems’ inability to maintain information history, which is often the case in older source transaction systems across many industries worldwide. Closely related to this functionality is the capability of a data warehouse to provide a single view on all processes and papers circulating across an organization, where multiple source systems are used. Managers of fast growing corporations which aggressively acquire rival enterprises often complain that essential information is coming to their desk fragmented, which has negative impact on the overall process of informed decision making. Enterprise data warehousing easily eliminates that problem, though.


Furthermore, a reliable data warehousing system can deal with bad or damaged data, providing functionality not only to repair bad data but to code information in a consistent manner, thus enabling managers to access a reliable database. Consistency of data is another common problem enterprises face on a regular basis, while data warehousing incorporates methods to overcome such issues relatively effortlessly.


Another great advantage of data warehousing is the ability of enterprise data warehouses not to affect operation systems’ performance through data restructuring which is intended to provide high-performance of queries to the respective database. This is truth even when the data warehouse under testing is experience heavy load of complex analytic queries that can easily disrupt operation of other databases and major operating systems.


One should bear in mind that information collected from various sources in a business management system is usually partitioned, fragmented, and formatted in a variety of ways, which in turn may result in loss of data, incomplete report generation, or even incorrect data. An enterprise data warehouse features functionality to restructure data with decision making in mind, producing results that are easily readable by managers and business analysts. This is of utmost importance in organization where strategic and important business decisions are made on a daily basis, and a wide variety of industries fall into this category, including both enterprises in the field of finances and manufactures.


Therefore, enterprise data warehousing is often applied in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, a valuable business software tool that is widely used by businesses across the world. Large multinational corporations might have CRMs that contain unimaginable number of objects and hardly can be managed without taking advantage of advanced technologies and data processing methods incorporated into data warehouses. In addition, a corporation might have requirements that its data warehouse should be updated in real time, functionality that other database types can have only to a limited extent.


Broadly speaking, the methods and functionality of enterprise data warehousing are successfully implemented in different business processes, including trend analysis, decision support, preparation of financial forecasts, inventory management, etc. As far as business intelligence and financial forecasting is concerned, no expert in the field can perform his/her job without the help data warehouses, while enterprise data warehousing is now used in a wide range of business software systems ranging from applications used by small enterprises to complex solutions implemented by large multinational organizations.


Harry is a 33 year old who has earned his bachelor’s degree in computer sciences a decade ago and since then is blogging on IT related topics for different media outlets. He has developed his IT software consulting skills working for IT consultancies in India and abroad. Harry considers his work as a software consultant as a chance to promote technologies that can change business practices and processes for good, and enterprise data warehousing is one such technology.

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Keep These in Mind Before Setting up Cisco Switches

There are some important things to know before configuring a Cisco switch. It’s true that most switches today are pretty much plug and play. But this doesn’t always pan out. If you are going to make the transition, you need to figure some things out.


Know the Default VLAN


The default port is 1 so communication will be possible. If the VLAN switch is changed to another VLAN, port interaction won’t be possible.


Set up Interface VLAN 1


A switch requires an IP address if you want remote network management capabilities. A switch needs an IP address on an interface on every VLAN if the switch has many VLANs set up. Configuration is also necessary if you have to manage every switch. Even if every port is at VLAN 1, the IP address must still be set up on the VLAN 1 interface. This is a requirement for handling the switches.


Default Gateways are Necessary


Switches don’t really require a default gateway set up. But configuration is required if you need another subnet for switch communication. This will tell the switch how to obtain the LAN switch. The default gateway is set up in the following manner:

Switch(config)# ip default-gateway


Optimizing Ports


One of the things to know before configuring a Cisco switch is they have to be optimally set. You can instruct a switch that access devices are always on it. Just use these commands:


Switch(config)# interface FastEthernet0/48

Switch(config-if)# switchport mode access

Switch(config-if)# no shutdown

Switch(config-if)# spanning-tree portfast


Duplex and Speed Switch Ports


Duplex and speed are crucial on these ports. Switches are basically about hooking up a device to a local area network. If you have a lot of devices, issues with speed and duplex may come up. Legacy devices may not be compatible with switches. If you want to find out what speed and duplex a port is operating, use this command:


Switch# show interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/3

Switch# show interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/3


This will pop up:


Full-duplex, 100Mb/s, media type is 10/100/1000BaseTX

These commands will change the duplex or speed:


Switch(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/3

Switch(config-if)# speed 100

Switch(config-if)# duplex half


Notes on Starting the Switch


Be certain that the monitor terminal and switch are interactive. This is necessary for you to view the Cisco IOS command-line interface. The next step is the switch configuration. The next steps deal with the password configuration.


Port Security


This recalls the Ethernet MAC address joined to the switch port. It permits only that MAC address to interact with that port. The port will be disabled if another MAC address tries to interact with it. These switches are configured to transmit an SNMP trap notifying the port has been shut down. This setup can prevent devices from accessing the network. This is not without drawbacks of course. For instance, it can be inconvenient.


Under this setup, the port can only be unlocked by the network administrator. This can be very inconvenient if there are valid reasons to modify the devices.


Learning about the things to know before configuring a Cisco switch can be tedious. But it will help you in the long run. Even though these devices usually work without a hitch, being armed with knowledge is essential. The same thing goes for its security features. You can never be too careful in securing your network from viruses and other malicious software.


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