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4 Benefits of Embracing Technology Within The Education Sector

Today, almost everything that we come across has some technological connection to it. One of the major beneficiaries of this revolution is the education sector. The birth of educational technology has proved to be a huge boost to teachers and scholars across the globe.

Technology has redefined the stereotypical image of boring classrooms into an interesting one. Thanks to this development, learning and teaching has actually become a fun filled experience. There is every reason for everyone to consider embracing this modern invention. In case you are not aware of the positive impact of technology on education, here are 4 major benefits that come with using computers and software programs in the education sector.

Improved Learning Capability

One of the major benefits of using technology in the education sector is that it helps improve students’ learning capabilities. The field of education is very dynamic and constantly changing. Through technology, students can access new updates and information and thus develop a deeper understanding of some concepts that are taught in the classroom. Aside from accessing huge loads of information, students who use technology plan better for their studies with the help of software programs as compared to their conservative counterparts.

Wider access to education

Unlike in the past when education was only reserved for the elite class, the introduction of technology in the education sector has led to a major shift whereby everyone can access this basic right without any restrictions.

Instant Feedback and Assessment

Interaction with other classmates and teachers can be a big source of motivation for students. Technology has made it possible for scholars to interact via blogs and online forums. Unlike a few years ago, today students can interact with their fellow classmates from across the globe and share ideas freely. In addition, technology has made it possible for students to consult their teachers beyond school hours by sending emails and receiving instant feedback on anything they require. On their part, teachers are now better equipped to assess the performance of their students via online questionnaires or through discussions held on online school networking platforms.

Benefits to learning institutions

Introduction of information technology in learning institutions has eliminated the need for physical structures thus reducing the costs of operation. Learning centres can now operate with small but highly efficient faculties without having to invest billions for the same. It is clear that technology has overcome the barriers of classroom walls. Today, a lecturer can comfortably handle a class of over two thousand students thanks to the birth of virtual classrooms. This is unlike in the past when such a high number of students would have caused mayhem and confusion.
The benefits of embracing technology in the education sector are simply inexhaustible. There is no denying that technology and education are inseparable. If you have not yet employed the latest technology in your school or college education, then you are really missing out on something big. Hopeful, as we are, this article is going to guide you towards joining this positive revolution. All the best!

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Why Hiring Drupal Developers Pays Off

Most developed economies managed to avoid spiraling financial crisis which encourages enterprises to invest in upgrade of their software, and with Drupal establishing as a major content management platform Drupal developers are in high demand again. Nevertheless, corporations are still cautious when drafting their IT budgets with great portion of small and medium businesses worldwide still experiencing difficulties to set aside funds to invest in development of software applications.


Drupal has emerged as a major content management system (CMS) and content management framework that is free and open-source thus lowering the initial cost of investment in a corporate site or internal business collaboration system. On the other hand, Drupal is quite a complex and sophisticated platform to be customized and properly configured by inexperienced administrators when at stake is the reputation of an organization and the ultimate goal is to produce full-functional website that features appealing design.


The very fact that numerous government agencies across the globe, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. have selected Drupal to power their sites should be encouraging for entrepreneurs who are still in doubt whether Drupal is a reliable CMS. The challenge lies with the selection of the best software developer to complete a particular project that may feature functionality and design that look like an easy task at first glance but require in-depth knowledge of Drupal core, myriads of Drupal add-ons and extensions, and methods to combine the best available modules into an operational system.


Looking in the past, one can find countless number of examples when corporations decided to save on Drupal developers and build an online system using in-house resources only. It could be a serious misstep because of the very nature of Drupal, free and open-source CMS, whose official website is updated with dozens of new add-ons, contributed modules, extensions, and themes on a daily basis. Therefore, only experienced Drupal developers can cope with the great number of available modules or provide a custom-made solution that is going to work smoothly when combined with other modules.

Of course, only a handful of businesses can afford to install Drupal core, the standard release of Drupal, and hope that it will work with customers who are now used to get complex online service optimized for mobile access and compatible with most computing devices. Somehow, hiring a Drupal software developer is an inevitable step in the process of building an appealing and full-functional site which, however, pays off through relatively easy to use administration and acceptable extensibility.


Reliable Drupal developers are able to provide tailored solutions that are reasonably priced if only ready to use modules are incorporated into a particular software solution. The key to success, however, is to combine those modules in an error free manner to avoid unacceptable system behavior and unintended results. A system that rarely experiences technical issues or shutdowns pays off much faster than a site which has to be fixed on a daily basis, regardless of the advanced functionality incorporated into the latter.


That said, hiring the best and most affordable Drupal developer can prove to be the most important decision in the entire process of implementing a full-fledged website that features varied functionality and modern design. An experienced software development firm can offer good value for money through high-quality requirements gathering which is often the stepping stone in building a successful software system. While numerous Drupal modules are available for free, it is not a good idea to experiment until a somewhat functioning solution is worked out, hiring a third-party IT consultant and reliable Drupal developers is a far better approach when the matter in had is to get a working solution.


Author Bio – Gary is free lancer content builder for many sites and magazines, he wrote lots of article on CMS technology.  Currently he writes on Drupal development topics.

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NFL Kicker 13 for Android Review

NFL Kicker 13 for Android is the game that allows you to take up the boots of a professional American Football kicker and lead your team towards victory (not really). The game offers the players that ‘kick’ they’ve been longing for in a genuinely recreated sport game and indeed manages to deliver the fun you expect from it. So, let’s check out as to how this game for Android fairs.

The Game Play:

Firstly, the game is fully licensed by the NFL and includes almost every NFL team present. The game begins by asking you to select a player type, because there are two – male and female.  Once, you’ve chosen, the game then lets you assign a name to the player and add him to any NFL team preferred (out of 32). Since your player is a rookie, the game then presents a tutorial mode that allows the players to actually learn the basics for the different gaming modes to come.

The gaming controls for NFL Kicker 13 is quite simple and allows for an easier game play. All you have to do is just flick or swipe your fingers forward to initiate a kick. A slower flick will result in the ball falling way ahead than intended and a faster (too) will result in the ball making its way towards the audience. So, precision is the secret. The game even allows you to slice the ball in a particular direction for a much stylized finish. The slice also turns out to be helpful during the different game modes that have a bad weather scenario.

The game offers several unlockables that can be opened on reaching a certain experience level. The unlockables include additional game mode, classic team jerseys, alternate team jerseys, cheerleaders, football accessories and equipments, stadium upgrades and much more.

Game Modes:

NFL Kicker 13 offers three different game modes for its players to play with. While some of the modes are already available for the players to game on, some require certain experience points to get unlocked.

Zone Mode – Zone mode here, will remind you of the game – Paper Toss, where the paper is replaced by the ball and the trash bin with a goal post. The same finger-flick controls, anyway! This mode simply asks you to kick the ball towards the post under a series of weather conditions. A series of successful goals will reward you combo points and individual points for each successful kick.

Time Attack Mode – As you may have guessed by now, the Time Attack Mode is all about scoring the maximum number of goals under a given limited time. Every successful goal will increase the ticking clock by a second or two and a series of shots will reward you with more time. This mode is non-linear, which means that the players will be given a different angle and weather conditions in each shot, which they have to successfully complete.

Coffin Corner Mode – This mode is inclined more towards the defensive front. It requires the gamers to punt-kick the ball towards the opponent side. The points are rewarded to the players according to the distance covered and additional points are offered to players who punt the ball after multiple bounce.

The Graphics:

Graphics in NFL Kicker 13 is great. The developers have made use of the licenses to the optimum and have come up with some really cool recreated versions of jerseys and accessories of every team. The interface is simple with minimal crashes and a decent response time. One of the highlighting features related to graphics and animation is that the in-game players perform several dance moves on scoring combos including the Moonwalk! Also, fireworks shoot from the ground when the players hit the golden spot on the post. The arena, the environment and player details have been indeed taken good care of and the outcome is clearly visible during the game play. Overall, great graphics!

The Verdict:

NFL Kicker 13 is a great paid app for your Android devices. The simple controls, decent console-style graphics and three playable game modes are sure to boomerang you back to the game frequently.  An obvious Thumbs Up!

Features of the game:

  • Includes officially licensed 32 NFL teams
  • Uniforms and equipments powered by Nike
  • Feature to compete against your Facebook friends
  • Upgradable stadiums
  • Punt mode
  • Players can be created and customized with a preferred player name and jersey number
  • Live NFL ticker
  • Great graphics

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