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Five essential WordPress plugins for your blog

Considering the fact that there are thought to be tens of millions of WordPress sites dotted around the internet, it’s no surprise that website owners make every effort to try and provide their platform with the best chance of success as possible. In relation to WordPress, this is usually in the form of plugins and the software certainly has more than enough available. Users can access thousands of add-ons for their blog, although the following five are currently regarded as the most essential if you want your website to hold the best chance of success.

wordpress plugins

WP Security Scan

Considering the security-conscious nature of the internet these days, it’s no surprise to see that this plugin boasts over one million downloads to its name. The system checks your blog for any vulnerabilities and targets issues such as passwords, file permissions, database concerns and even problems relating to the admin area of the software. Once it has identified such concerns, it will then report back to you with a series of actions that can be implemented to combat them.

Broken Link Checker

If there ever was a case of a plugin doing exactly what it says on the tin, this is it. Broken Link Checker will analyse your WordPress blog and let you know if any broken links have been found. It will look through every single page on your website and will even go as far as disallowing any search engine from following a broken link. Moreover, a variety of settings can be applied and you can receive notifications either by email or your WordPress dashboard.


Boasting almost 12 million downloads, it can be safely said that Akismet is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. It is primarily a detection system against spam and if it does believe any new comments to be spam, it will place them in a folder ready for your review. Akismet has become so popular over the years that users now need to apply an API key to successfully use the software.

Exclude Pages

This is a plugin that has proven to be exceptionally simple yet very effective for a lot of users. While it may have “only” notched 700,000 downloads, Exclude Pages is very handy and allows you to remove pages from menus. A checkbox is added to each page and post and if you decide to uncheck it, it will remove the said page from your navigation menus. The system also affects child pages, which makes the job of organising your menus much simpler.

All in One SEO Pack

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress platform – boasting even more downloads than Akismet. Put simply, the All in One SEO Pack will optimise your website perfectly for the search engines, whether this is the URL format, the Meta tags or just tidying up the linking structure. Moreover, it will rid you of the famous duplicate content problem that arrives with WordPress and for those users that are not comfortable with configuring the settings, it can work successfully straight out of the box.

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