How can you make your email marketing really pop?

These days many businesses are opting to promote their brand online. Email marketing, social media and pay-per-click ads are helping them do this, but with increased take-up comes increased competition. With email marketing in particular, businesses have to do a lot to stand out from the crowd – or risk a junk folder fate.

So how can you beat off your competition and make your email marketing a real success?


It’s sad but true – most of us would judge a book by its cover. Therefore if an email looks drab, dull and boring, the chances of it catching someone’s attention are lessened. However, it’s also fair to say that you must speak to your target audience… which, if it’s a highly technical bunch, might respond better to less in-your-face email designs.

Whatever design you opt for, ensure it runs well across all devices. Things such as the rendering speed and HTML graphics need to be optimised across tablets, mobile phones and desktops, so take this into account during the design stage.


The key here is ensuring every single email you send to your database is relevant, of true value to the recipient and also wanted. If the latter is overlooked (i.e. recipients are sent emails without their permission) your chances of ever having a sale from that person are very low indeed. It’s all about respect and building a trusting relationship built on value.

There’s that word again – value. High-quality content is not only well-written and concise; it should answer some questions for your recipients too. Or, it should offer them something that they can use to their advantage, or that they can use to educate themselves. It’s no use sending out incessant e-shots promising big sales or discounts, unless it’s actually what your audience wants. Sure, they might want discounted shoes but if you send it once and they don’t follow through, don’t keep pestering them!


Send emails too often and your email address will be marked as spam. Send emails too infrequently and recipients won’t remember who you are.  Balance is the operative word here. Opting for one email per week will ensure you stay within your recipients’ radar, but won’t become relegated to the dreaded junk folder. Of course, if you find during your measurement/tracking that certain recipients respond to your calls to action often, then you might want to up the frequency just for them. Think carefully before doing this though, so as not to upset a loyal fan.

The beauty of measuring the efficiency of your email marketing is that you can use information such as this to your advantage, so don’t dismiss tracking or measurement as a waste of time – it could actually save you time and make you more money!

Author bio:Stuart Wooster writes for email marketing companies and has worked within digital marketing since 2007.

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