Apple applications takes care of users in a riot

Apple has surpassed itself once again by providing users with care and safety. After Apple’s medical applications such as the Depression checker and its collaboration with Mercedes Safety Collision design users thought that they had seen everything but Apple surprised them once again by issuing an application that sends help to users in a riot.

According to a technology reporter in Edinburgh, if you know where to run to in a riot it could potentially save your life. This application does just that for you. The application designed by Salvatore Laconesi is a blessing for Apple users. With rising riots all over the world and London’s very own riots last year were quite traumatic for the population and keeping that in mind the application has been designed to safeguard people. Necessity is the mother of inventions; that’s perfectly right and applicable to this situation as well.

The application although not publicly launched will combine data from differed social networking websites and take that information to its users by informing them which areas are suffering highly and which are still safe. Once users point their phones they will see a color interface that shows highly dangerous areas by lighting up in different colors.

If there is potential damage the interface will light up to the color red and warn its user to take other directions. The application was unveiled and demonstrated at the Technology, Entertainment and Design; TED and the application designer; Laconesi said that this application could help people stuck in riots and save quite many lives.

According to the little talk Laconesi had with BBC the application was built due to the increasing activist movements around the world. London, Syria, Egypt and many other countries have faced violent riots and although many people try to take part in it, many just want to stay in their homes, safe and sound but then you cant sit at your home the whole day. People have to work and buy necessity items and once a riot starts it feels as if you’re stuck in the worst possible nightmare. Laconesi told the British channel that they used the information available from the riots done in UK, Tunisia and Egypt and transformed the collected data into an application that would help Apple users stuck in a perilous situation.

Mr. Laconesi briefed that the data was collected from major social networking and other applications that shared their content on the internet. The basic information came from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. As these portals are the major entertainment and social networking contenders in this time it is quite reasonable that data was collected from these information centers. Once a user writes a message about riots or anything related to that the application captures the information and processes it to give directions to its users stuck between them and tell them where the safe places are. Users can point their Iphones to any direction and whichever direction is dangerous the interface would light up red and whichever is safe would light up as green.

The system has already been checked during the UK riots that occurred last year as well as the student protests that took place in Milan and England. By checking the feasibility and validity of the application before hand, users will feel comfortable about using the application not only in the United Kingdom but in other countries around the world.

This application will certainly help Iphone users all around the world to stay safe once they’re stuck in a riot and find a safety haven from there.

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