10 Safety Tips On Twitter

The issue of security your Twitter account is very relevant, since the service began to pick up considerable speed and popularity. Twitter – is not just a microblog, it is a complete marketing tool, which stores the set of confidential information. In the last few years has increased the number of Twitter accounts breakups. It becomes a real problem. That is why on this issue should be paid special attention. In this article, you can see 10 rules that will protect your staying online, allow you talk comfortably and enjoy each new tweet.

1. Do not disclose personal information.

Maybe, it’s one of the most important rules. Do not publish private addresses, telephone numbers, passwords and all, what you consider important and personal. Thus, you tell about yourself all that you want to hide.

One more thing – Geo Tagging. When this function is enabled, the tweets will be published with your place position in that moment. Don’t use it at home.

If you run your twitter account for a limited number of people, you can hide your news feeds.

2. Use private Twitter account.

You can use private twitter account. The idea is that you are limiting the number of people who can read your tweets y yourself. It is suitable for sending personal messages or system data / parameters.

3. Carefully choose the applications that have access to the account.

Check and try not to run the application page. Be sure that you can trust the site or service that requests a password or authorization. Be careful, because this is the most popular way to get the password of your account.

4. Change your passwords every six months.

Better even often. Regularly change your passwords and use different passwords for different services. Use complex and long passwords, which have punctuation marks, numbers, symbols. Such passwords are the most difficult to crack.

5. Do not use unfamiliar links to read Direct Massage.

It is the second most popular way to lure the user into a trap and get a password or personal data.

Many links are specially shortened to mask the original page. But there is a solution.

6. Use the Services to open short links.

There is not a lot of such services, but they will help you in finding a threat. One of the most popular is a plug-in for Firefox LongURL Mobile Expander. For those who do not use Firefox, there are special web-based applications and Unhid Untiny.

7. Block spam and report about it.

Thus, you are not only caution others but also help yourself, because after pressing the «Block spam» you are unlikely to get to the page of this Twitter user again.

8. Do not click on the ads that promise you a lot of followers.

At best, it will only advertising, and at worst, you will lose your account.

9. Use antivirus and firewall.

Though Twitter viruses are not as many as usual Trojans and other “ills”, but still be careful: do not download suspicious files from the network. There are many new clients for Twitter so be careful when you’re setting the next novelty to your computer.

10. Press Log out button when you leave.

Just do not give to the “bad boys” an opportunity to use your twitter account in their treacherous plans. Also, better not to left unattended mobile phones and other equipment, which has access to Twitter.

Author bio: Korah Morrison is a specialist of context advertising, social marketing and copywriter at Essay-Point.com. She writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, web design, branding and business promotion in the internet.

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