Magento Navigation

The one community that is growing by leaps and bounds is the Magento community. Magento is a product aimed at making ecommerce simple, easy and effective. This open source web application has very quickly become the first choice of technology among the community of developers. In fact the product has shown immense growth since its introduction in the market in 2008. This software is a key differentiator for any business which is into ecommerce. One of the biggest benefits that Magento delivers to customers is the ease with which they can navigate through the websites. For small businesses too, this software is a huge blessing.


Take the Magento Community Edition, for instance. This edition first hit the market way back in the year 2008. It is a freely downloadable, open source system. Probably the biggest draw of the Community Edition is the fact that it gives complete control over the website to the ecommerce business owner. It also offers the following advantages to the business owner:

  • Massive scalability that will ensure that the software grows with the growth in business
  • Low costs – this is important, especially for a small business owner who needs to keep a tight control over costs. The software itself is free to download and the business owner can maintain the shopping cart free if he does it on his own server.
  • Ownership – again, this is a very important advantage for a small business owner who may not be able to afford hiring IT staff to manage his ecommerce business.
  • There is also massive support that is provided by the company to the ecommerce business owner.


With GoMage Advanced Navigation, Magento clients get a Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. It allows extremely simple and effective navigation capabilities to the ecommerce company. For instance, navigation categories can be managed with either a plain layout or fly-out layout. It also makes it possible to conduct navigation on categories and products on the home and the static pages. It also gives support to the Magento software by offering free Magento Navigation extension updates for a period of 1 year. The business owner can also exercise the option of using the default dropdown choice or a plain view to build the menu.


The clutch of Magento development services has found huge success in the market because they can work in precise cohesion with the ecommerce business owner. With its mammoth array of features and functions, Magento development can deliver plenty of benefits to the business community including:


  • The support of a global conglomeration of developers and solution partners. Incidentally, GoMage is one such industry partner.
  • A range of tools that make navigation and overall user experience at the websites much easier. These tools include marketing and payment tools.
  • A vast range of Magento services that deliver SEO or search engine optimization and customization with themes and designs and store customization services.
  • Better management of multiple Magento stores online. It can deliver ecommerce site development and ecommerce store integration.
  • It supports multiple payment options with the Magento payment gateway integration.


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