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Magento Navigation

The one community that is growing by leaps and bounds is the Magento community. Magento is a product aimed at making ecommerce simple, easy and effective. This open source web application has very quickly become the first choice of technology among the community of developers. In fact the product has shown immense growth since its introduction in the market in 2008. This software is a key differentiator for any business which is into ecommerce. One of the biggest benefits that Magento delivers to customers is the ease with which they can navigate through the websites. For small businesses too, this software is a huge blessing.


Take the Magento Community Edition, for instance. This edition first hit the market way back in the year 2008. It is a freely downloadable, open source system. Probably the biggest draw of the Community Edition is the fact that it gives complete control over the website to the ecommerce business owner. It also offers the following advantages to the business owner:

  • Massive scalability that will ensure that the software grows with the growth in business
  • Low costs – this is important, especially for a small business owner who needs to keep a tight control over costs. The software itself is free to download and the business owner can maintain the shopping cart free if he does it on his own server.
  • Ownership – again, this is a very important advantage for a small business owner who may not be able to afford hiring IT staff to manage his ecommerce business.
  • There is also massive support that is provided by the company to the ecommerce business owner.


With GoMage Advanced Navigation, Magento clients get a Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. It allows extremely simple and effective navigation capabilities to the ecommerce company. For instance, navigation categories can be managed with either a plain layout or fly-out layout. It also makes it possible to conduct navigation on categories and products on the home and the static pages. It also gives support to the Magento software by offering free Magento Navigation extension updates for a period of 1 year. The business owner can also exercise the option of using the default dropdown choice or a plain view to build the menu.


The clutch of Magento development services has found huge success in the market because they can work in precise cohesion with the ecommerce business owner. With its mammoth array of features and functions, Magento development can deliver plenty of benefits to the business community including:


  • The support of a global conglomeration of developers and solution partners. Incidentally, GoMage is one such industry partner.
  • A range of tools that make navigation and overall user experience at the websites much easier. These tools include marketing and payment tools.
  • A vast range of Magento services that deliver SEO or search engine optimization and customization with themes and designs and store customization services.
  • Better management of multiple Magento stores online. It can deliver ecommerce site development and ecommerce store integration.
  • It supports multiple payment options with the Magento payment gateway integration.


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Why conversion optimization is necessary to enhance your profits

Every company should be looking for new ways to grow their business. Whether it is increasing the number of unique visits your website receives or advertising in new locations, a business will not thrive unless it is actively working towards increasing its profits. One of the best ways a company can increase its profit margins is by optimizing its website’s conversion rate.

Quick Results

Many businesses are eager to increase their profits as quickly as possible. Improving your website’s conversion rate is one of the best ways to rapidly increase your revenue. As long as your website receives a steady flow of traffic, you will see your revenue grow once you start to make changes to your website designed to increase your conversion rate.

These quick results will allow you to see exactly what is and is not working in regards to your website’s conversion rate, enabling you to make further adjustments on the fly. If you are able to find the right set of changes to make to your website to improve your conversion rate, your revenue and profit should increase along with your conversions.

Keep Costs Low

Typically, there are two ways a business can increase its sales numbers – get more visitors to your website and improve your conversion rate. While further promoting your website by adding more keywords to your SEO campaign or increasing your PPC ad spend are excellent ways to increase the amount of visitors your site sees along with your conversions, your expenses will also increase with this strategy. When your expenses increases, your business may not continue to be profitable if you do not get enough conversions to generate the revenue needed to turn a profit.

When you utilize conversion optimization as your strategy to increase your sales figures, you are able to keep your costs at a minimum. It does not take nearly as much money to analyze your website’s data in order to make changes to optimize your conversion rate. When compared to other online advertising methods, conversion optimization is one of the cheapest methods you can use.

Higher ROI

Along with the lower costs associated with conversion optimization comes a higher ROI. By taking the time to analyze your website’s traffic data, you will be able to see which aspects of your site are negatively affecting your conversion rate. Once you make changes to those aspects of your website, your conversion rate will increase, and you will see your revenue increase as well.

Since you did not have to spend a lot of money to see this increase in your conversion rate and sales figures, your business may now be showing a profit when it was once in the red. Something as simple as improving your conversion rate can take a poorly performing product or service and turn it into a highly profitable business venture.

Every company should be thinking of new, unique ways to improve their business. Working to improve your website’s conversion rate is one of the best ways you can grow your business. The quick results, relatively low costs and ability to greatly improve your ROI are just some of the reasons why conversion optimization is a necessity for every type of business.

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These Are The Best Ultrabooks Right Now

It’s a great time to buy ultrabooks. Many of them feature better designs than the ones released last year. Not only are they faster, but they look better too!

In an effort to come out on top, manufacturers are increasingly throwing in more stuff to sweeten the deal.

If you’re in the market for an ultrabook, you might want to take a look at this list.

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A


Positioned as the direct competitor to the MacBook Air, the UX31A is a truly wonderful ultrabook. Just like the first Zenbooks, the UX31A retains the wedge design of its body.

The lid features a bluish aluminum cover with textured ripples that emanate from the center. It’s a wonderful look that contrasts nicely with the silvery brushed aluminum bottom frame.

The laptop contains an i7 – 3517U processor, meaning it’s a low – voltage processor, designed to provide better battery life. Since it’s also an i7, expect some great performance.

You also get a 256 SSD and a 13.3 – inch with a wonderful 1080p IPS screen. It definitely blows away the rest.

Gigabyte U2442


Gigabyte’s foray into the world of ultrabooksis impressive. If you’re willing to accept a slightly thicker ultrabookthan the UX31A, then the U2442 is a good choice because of the hardware it contains.

Featuring a fully – fledged i5 Ivy Bridge processor (not the low voltage ones), this ultrabookhas some great performance. It has a 128 GB SSD that helps improve boot times, and generally keeps the whole system feeling fast.

Aside from that, you have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M video card, which isn’t something you usually find in ultrabooks. How does it perform?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 actually runs at a smooth 33 fps. Mass effect 3 also runs at the same rate. You can actually get some decent gaming done in this game.

To top it all off is 8 GB of RAM for amazing multitasking and a 1600 x 900 resolution.

Samsung Series 9


For those looking for one of the most elegant ultrabooksever made, then the Samsung Series 9 is the perfect choice.

This laptop features a 13 – inch screen with a wonderful 1600 x 1200 resolution. There’s also 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD to help with performance.

Overall, it’s a great – performing laptop that does what it’s advertised – to be the ultrabookof your dreams.

Acer S5


Acer has been stepping up their game as of late. The S5 is a truly remarkable ultrabook. Weighing in at just 2.65 pounds, it’s also just 0.59 inches thick!

Coupled with an extremely smooth design and the magnesium – aluminum chassis, you’ve got a very elegant laptop right in your lap.

Aside from that, it’s got an Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor with Intel HD 4000 graphics. You’ll be able to do some light gaming there.

A 128 GB SSD helps things feel fast, as the laptop can boot up in just 10 seconds.


These four ultrabooksare very impressive. If you’re looking for one with graphicsthough, you definitely want to go with the Gigabyte laptop.

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Mikaela V Taylor is a blogger working for, where you can recycle laptop for cash and reduce tech waste.

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