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A Mini Bundle of Surprise

Computer gaming has been a boon in the world of indoor gaming, and with every new gaming console the experience has become interesting not only for children but for many adults as well. The variety and the user friendly mechanism it becomes an experience worth exploring.

R4 card was such a sensational device, which created a sensation among all the gaming lovers. It not only helped in storing all kinds of games and plays them but it provided as a storage device for music, movies and various e-books as well.

How does this device look like?

This SD card comes as a small adapter that works on various consoles. With a storage capacity of 2 to 32GB you can actually store anything in this SD card. It has a unique inbuilt file detection function which transforms any type of format into a particular type and then saves. Thus while transferring songs, videos, eBooks, games you need not worry atal about the format. Thus the downloading and saving process becomes a quite advanced and technically sound as it replaces all other electronic devices that you use in a day for all these functions.

This R4 card comes with different names among Nintendo Users. There can be different kinds of consoles available but his card is suitable for use with anyone.

  • Let us take a glance on the types of SD cards and the types of consoles bet suited:
  • Nintendo 3DS is a great console and the best suited card is the R4i 3DS card.
  • Nintendo DSi or DSi Console the best suited card is R4i
  • Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite the choices are R4 DS and R4 SDHC.

There are numerous cards available in the market and all of them almost look alike. The basic point that has to be kept in mind is that these cards cannot work alone; it has to be compounded with a micro SD memory card. This card stores all the operational files and makes the working of the card more effective.

Let us have a look on the various advantages of having this card which amplifies the experience of gaming in any gaming console:

Easy Installation: You can align it easily with your gaming console. If you are having any doubt you can take the help of the user manual which comes handy for this purpose.

Loads up fast: it is very fast in loading, within 2 min it gets loaded to your system and will help you start your gaming instantly.

Access Internet: Internet can be easily accessed through this cartridge. You can browse many different sites and also download your favorite and most popular games.

MicroSD memory card: The macro SD card acts as a great storage device.

SO experience the whole new gaming features with the different R4 Cards, enjoy unlimited music movies and many more with the Micro SD card and take your experience to a different level altogether.

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