The Different Airsoft Video Games

Playing video games, especially the first person shooter ones, for a long time might give you a craving for real gun-toting action. The adrenaline rush that one feels by playing a video game, though exhilarating, might leave you craving for more adrenaline. Airsoft games, with the real world scenarios, puts you in a situation where you can indulge your trigger happy side without putting yourself in any sort of real danger.

Video games, no matter how advanced, can never be a proper substitute for the real world adventure that airsoft games entail. There is something about the exertion that you put yourself through while hunting down your opponent in the real world with an airsoft gun; that can not be recreated while sitting on your comfortable gaming chair and shooting down programmed simulations of terrorists, aliens or zombies. Airsoft games are not limited by the game physics of a video game either; these games and their excitement are only limited by the imagination and commitment of you and your fellow players. This article will discuss about some very entertaining airsoft games that you can play with your friends.

Kill The Zombie


There would be two distinctive groups of players in this game: humans and zombies. At the onset of the game, zombies would be fielded at a slightly higher ratio than humans, namely 4:1. The objective of this group in the game would be to ‘infect’ as many humans as possible, by touching them with their hands. On the other hand, the humans are further divided into two further subsets: civilian survivors and military survivors. Civilian survivors are allowed to carry small arms and semi-automatic weapons, with a limited stock of ammo, on the other hand military survivors can carry more advanced weapons but quite like the civilians, they too are required to have a limited cache of ammo. The limited cache of ammo serves to notch up the thrill factor of the game.

The players who make up the group of zombies wearing Halloween masks, are ‘unkillable’ but can be immobilized for 30 seconds in case of a head shot or three consecutive hits. Once a ‘zombie’ infects a survivor, the survivor becomes immobilized for two minute, after which he/she returns to the game wearing a Halloween mask and joins the zombie team. The terrain where the game is taking place would be interspersed with various ‘cure items’; and the game ends when either the survivors uncover all the cure items, or when every single player is turned into a zombie.

Last Player Standing Death-match

This airsoft game promises to be the most thrilling where everyone is against everyone. Players can divide themselves up among teams and design different objectives like ‘capture the flag’, ‘assassinating’ the rival team’s leader or even an all out and no holds barred death-match, where players go solo and hunt each other down. Since there are no particular rules to the game, players can carry any type of airsoft arms and the winner is the player or team who remains the sole person(s) to be ‘alive’ at the end of the day.

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