Top 5 cases for the iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5 due to reach pre-order customers by Friday this week, I thought it was a good time to have a look at what iPhone 5 accessories are already available. Let’s start out with the best five cases.

5: Belkin Flex Case Pack Black / Clear

The Belkin Flex Case pack actually comes with two cases – one black, one white. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a case pack to split with a friend, or you just want to change your case to match your mood or your outfit. Both cases include a geometric pattern on the back that looks cool but also adds grip, making it harder to accidentally drop your phone.

4: Sparkles Diamante Case for iPhone 5 Black, Purple, Red

This glitzy case adds Diamante elements in a pinprick pattern that looks quite eye-catching. The case, which is available in black, purple and red colourways, offers moderate protection against drops and good protection against scratches. The Diamante case is definitely not to all tastes, but I’m sure it’ll be well-loved by some.

3: Gear4 Guardian Case Black, White

The Guardian, beyond being a Zerg unit in StarCraft*, is a brilliant case for the iPhone 5 that emphasises protection. It includes a strong TPU design that will protect adequately against all manner of damage, including from drops, scratches and scuffs. The Guardian Case is available in either black or white.

2: FlexiShield Skin for iPhone 5 Blue, Pink, Purple, Clear

Our previous cases have been a bit monochromatic, so how about something a little more colourful? These FlexiShield Skins offer a splash of colour in blue, pink, purple or clear. As well as customising your phone in one of four colours, these gel plastic shells also provide good protection against drops and scratches without breaking the bank.

1: Cygnett UrbanShield Silver

This case is all about the protection and is made from premium-grade machined aluminum. That grants it a lot of strength and rigidity, making it much harder to accidentally snap your iPhone in half. The construction material choice also allows for a dramatically thin case that will add little to the bulk of your iPhone 5, yet still provide good resistance against scratches and scuffs. The contemporary look of the case fits with Apple’s recent designs too, making it a shoe-in for the top slot this time around.


So, there we have it! I hope you find a case that you like amongst these. More iPhone 5 accessories will be released all the time, so stay tuned as we bring you continuing updates! Thanks for reading and have a great day.

*Crossover of iPhone 5 buyers and StarCraft I players: more than 1?


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