Hands on with the latest iPhone 5

Do you think selling a scientific calculator and Volkwagen van raising $1300 will result in a 100-billion-dollar-a-year company? Steve Wozinak and Steve Jobs, young but highly enthusiast tech geeks sold their most prized possessions to start a small company. Though both of them were apprehensive about getting into a business rather than choosing a safe paycheck job, they joked that if they fail they can at least boast to their grand kids about a company they started once-upon-a-time. The company is not the past as they thought it might become but the present and future of the tech world. It developed into Apple Inc. and has become the manufactures of the most lusted after devices.

Today, Apple is the most talked about and people follow every step Apple makes, eagerly awaiting their next creations. iPhone 4s felt more like an upgrade than a new version. It did bring novel additions, but many thought Apple has opened doors for competitors with their feeble upgrade. Apple was under the ‘expectations’ pressure and they don’t seem to have disappointed the millions of Apple followers with their iPhone 5.

The design:

The phone has come with a bang with 16:9 inch screen making it bigger and sleeker than the previous designs. With its 4-inch retina display and resolution of 1136×640 pixels, iPhone 5 offers High Definition screen display. Apple has not disappointed when it comes to the overall design. The phone looks sleek and stylish and yet retaining the company’s ‘simple’ motto. The phone is fashionable thin with curved edges with Apple’s logo on the rear. The phone comes in typical black and silver which is unchanged from the previous models.


The standout is definitely iOS6 used for the phone. Maps sharper, quicker and brighter and has been upgraded with a few cool features like 3D Flyover which enables you to zoom into a location and swivel around landmarks. It also offers turn-by-turn navigation.

Siri is another feature that is upgraded. You can now update Facebook and launch apps using voice-commands. Camera is another feature that has refurbished a lot in this latest series. It’s been rebranded as iSight. Though it offers the same 8 mp lens, it has enhanced HDR and photo sharing options. Video is also the same 1080p, but the highlight is the panoramic mode that allows you to stitch images in real time and craft an image of up to 28 megapixels.

Apple’s drawback has always been the earphones. Thankfully they have upgraded to EarPods which looks interesting and a huge leap when it comes to design.


Another show stopper for iPhone 5 is the A6 chip. It is going to influence the fastness of iPhone operation. The videos so look smoother and apps can be operated more smoothly.

Apple has said that the phone is capable of providing 8 hours browsing time and talk time and 10 hours of playback time. We have to wait and see if this is true. The models are going to be launched in 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Will the iPhone be a hit?

Definitely! Apple doesn’t need super models showing off their devices to get recognition. All they have to do is print their logo on a device and it will sell like hot cakes. This is not just because of the Apple ‘brand’, it is also because of the competent and highly innovative features and applications supported by a worthy design that makes each owner proud to carry an iPhone!

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