Smart TVs: How Do They Work?

What makes a Smart TV so smart? The simple answer is connectivity! Today the world has become so connected that it seems like it has shrunk. Everything is connected and integrated with every other thing, so how can your TV lag behind?

So now, there are Smart TVs or connected TVs which have virtually shrunk the whole world, making it fit into your living room and allowing you to access it through a single remote control.

So now you can have your standard cable services or specialized cable services like Latino Satelite along with an internet connectivity option, all available on a single platform.
The Smartness of Smart TVs

The Smart TV brings out all that was previously restricted to your laptop or PC to a bigger screen, allowing you to connect your television to the internet. Now you can access all those on-demand, special videos, available on the internet from a bigger screen rather than that of your tiny laptop.

If you find the advertisement during programs boring, you can watch a short video clip. If you find an advertisement interesting enough, you can instantly search for information on the website before you forget it! So even if you are watching TV, there is no wasted moment in your high-paced life.

More and more Smart TV applications are being introduced rapidly. You can connect to your social networking pages like Facebook and Twitter along with watching your favorite TV program. So now you can watch football and tweet about a goal all on the same interface and can stay connected with everyone in more ways than ever before.

You can also find Smart TVs that connect to gaming devices or your smartphones and tablets for a more personalized searching option.

Gone are the days when your TVs were a one-way communication devices where broadcasters talked and you could only listen. Your TV is now smart and it can talk back! It is not just entertainment anymore; it is interaction meeting convenience.
How Does It Work?

The same way as your Smartphone does! Just the way your phone has an operating system that makes it smart, so does a Smart TV. It has all the features of your traditional television, but it also runs an operating system that allows you to pre-load applications on your TV. You can get these applications either built-in within your TV or you can add them yourself.

The cheaper versions of Smart TVs don’t often offer a web browser, just a few pre-loaded applications. However, a reliable Smart TV will have browsing features, connecting you to the World Wide Web through your TV.

A Smart TV contains both in-built Wi-Fi connectivity and an Ethernet port to connect a modem or router which can be easily connected to your home internet connection. A suitable remote is provided with Smart TVs to help you navigate it. Some Smart TVs also allow you to use your smartphone as a remote control.
3 Best Smart TV Platforms

Although a lot of companies now have different forms of Smart TVs available, not all are worth your consideration and more importantly, your money. So here are the top 3 platforms that provide Smart TVs worth considering:
1. LG

LG offers by far the best user interface for its Smart TVs. It has exceptional internet experience, a remote which you can use by pointing and clicking and the option to download a free QWERTY keyboard app. The LG app store offers a variety of applications and games such as Facebook, YouTube and Napster etc and also offer web browsing.
2. Samsung

Apart from the general video streaming apps, Samsung also offer some unique video apps such as 3D Video on Demand via Explore 3D and social networking apps. It also offers a keyboard remote with its Smart TV.
3. Panasonic

Another notable Smart TV platform, Panasonic, offers all basic video-streaming apps with an additional third-party app store. It also includes Skype, a support system for USB gamepads and other gaming apps. It offers a standard remote with iOS and Android remote app available.

Smart TVs are the new big thing; everything you could possibly need in a TV and then some more! The Smart TV combines all the features you may want in an interactive interface. You can have cable service like Latino Satelite, applications like YouTube, a web browser, and social networking apps like Twitter and much more available on a single platform.


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