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Best Android Apps of 2012

Did you know that there are now more than 500,000 Android apps in Google Play? Because of this, looking for the good ones can be quite a chore. To make your search easier, here are a few suggested apps that we think you should try.


Frankly, Flipboard isn’t as essential as Facebook or Twitter; it merely unifies access to popular social networks into one app, which isn’t really a new concept. But once you experience Flipboard’s intuitive magazine-like presentation, you’d never ever want to go back to regular Facebook, Twitter or even New York Times.

                        Google Drive

Step aside Dropbox—Google Drive is here. Think of it as Google Docs on steroids. The difference here is you can store anything—music, photos, Photoshop files, whatever—in Google Drive. The service synchronises your computer and Android device, so if you modify anything in either machine, it would reflect in whatever other device you use.


If you’re using Ice Cream Sandwich, then Chrome should be the browser that you’re using on your Android—especially if you’re also using it on your desktop. Why? Your mobile Chrome can access all your desktop Chrome bookmarks and browsing history. Android Chrome also supports private browsing, voice search, and other really cool features.

                        Smart Tools

There are a variety of apps that measure length, height, angle and direction. What makes Smart Tools different is that it does all of these, and does each really well. It even has a metal detector and flashlight. It’s like having a tool belt in your phone!

                        Friendcaster for Facebook

It may not be an official Facebook app, but Friendcaster actually works better. It features real-time notifications, a quicker and great-looking interface, multiple themes, the ability to tag more than one friend at a time in each post, higher-resolution photos, support for multiple accounts, and more.


Prepare to be blown away. With the Tasker app, you can program your Android phone to do pretty much anything. You can automate your device to go on silent when you put it face-down or automatically play music when you plug in the audio jack. You can even have your GPS conveniently activated whenever you run any or all location-based apps. Tasker will change your life.

                        World Lens

World Lens is AMAZING. The app translates printed words from one language to another in real-time using your Android phone’s camera. It gets better: World Lens also displays the translated text using the same font, colour and perspective, as if the actual print was changed. And you don’t need any internet connection for the app to work.


With the app, you don’t have to go online to search the meaning of a word since the data is stored locally (i.e. on your Android phone). You can get the free version, which has ads, or the ad-free premium version.


There have been other third-party attempts to bring Wikipedia to Android, but the official Wikipedia for Android app does it better. It may not have an offline version, but it’s free and works like a charm.

                        WebMD for Android

Talk about useful. WebMD has an Android app that helps you find out more about your condition by keying in your symptoms. It also has a pill identification feature, a guide for first aid, and local healthcare listings. Have we mentioned it’s free?

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Best iPhone Apps For Fitness And Weight loss

Whether you want to get fit or lose weight, there are some really great apps out there to help you achieve your goal.

Nike Training

For fitness I’d have to recommend ‘Nike Training’ which is a free app which has workouts in four categories, ‘Get Lean’, ‘Get Toned’, ‘Get Strong’ and ‘Get Focused’. Clicking on any of these categories brings up three skill level categories, ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. In each skill level category there is a wealth of different workouts. Within this app you can see your training progress and you also receive rewards when you hit a set training time goal.

For achieving a six-pack there is only one must have app to achieve this called in my opinion- ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ starring Jeff Cavalier who is a famous fitness coach who has coached the NY Mets baseball team and a whole host of celebrities. This is a paid app, but believe me when I say that you get what you pay for. Within this app there are 100 ab exercises and the name of the game here is muscle confusion. Each training day you are given a new set of exercises and your abs will be shocked into developing. If you don’t want to follow the suggested training routine you can access the ab exercises data base and choose which exercise to do. I’d highly recommend following the daily exercise plans however. The exercises per day in total come to around four minutes each in length. This app pushes your abs to the limit. Your abs are different from other muscle groups as in they can be exercised five times per week without any problem as they recover very fast.

You can track your workout progress in ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ and really goes well with the online fitness pack ‘Athlean-X’ available from the Athean-X website. For a app review of this app you can view it here. This is one of my favourite fitness apps of all time.


iFitness is a great app that has different workouts involving weights and also stretching exercises. I use this app mainly for the stretching exercises included. iFitness has a great database of different exercise routines and is a paid app. With iFitness you can tailor your very own workout plan and name each workout which is a really powerful tool.


The final, excellent app I’d highly recommend would be ‘MyNetDiary’ which is a calorie counting app which is extremely powerful. First you set a daily plan and can even upload before and after pictures in the iPhone version. You set your required weight loss goal and how much you want to lose per week and the app will track your progress. You have to be online when inputting your food intake and exercise activities as there is a huge database that you can also contribute to, with calorie counts for specific exercises and a calorie count for different food types. Just input the name of the food you are eating and it will pop up. If it doesn’t you can contribute the food to the database.

You can also input your waist size and also hip measurements etc. Each day you are given your daily progress and recommendations. This is my preferred way to calculate fat loss, together with waist measurement, as if you are following an exercise plan you can gain muscle weight which is a plus. Muscle mass burns calories whilst you are doing nothing! There are 3500 calories in a pound and 7717 calories in a kilogram, so you can track exactly how much fat calories you are burning. You can work in US units or kilograms within the app. Some people hate counting calories, in which case this app won’t be for you. I personally love counting calories as a calorie is just a calorie when it comes to calculating fat loss and if you are eating proper wholesome food you don’t have to worry about which is a good or bad calorie for maintaining muscle.

Three of these apps are paid apps, but they are not expensive. If you bought all three and downloaded the free app you would only be shelling out around 15 dollars. That’s a great investment for your body. Many people moan if an app is not free, but then blow money on beer or pizza. Why not invest in your health and body? These apps are a knock down investment as far as I’m concerned and I was glad to make the purchases.

Guest post by Kevin Baker who is an enthusiastic blogger who runs which has iOS app reviews and exciting tech articles, such as How To Become Batman Reloaded – Using Tech Gadgets

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