Yakuza 5 to feature Dance Battles alongside the regular punching ones

One of Yakuza 5’s subplots is about series hero Kazuma Kiryu’s adopted daughter, Haruka, trying to find success as an idol. The usual street combat would be an odd fit for this storyline, so instead Haruka will have dance-based battles, according to leaked Famitsu info.

Haruka’s “battles” take the form of a rhythm game in which you compete against rival dancers. As you perform, you’ll build up a gauge, much like the “Heat Gauge” in the series’ non-dance fights. And, like in those fights, you’ll be able to perform special moves when it’s full ? in this case, Dance Heat moves.

There’s even a parallel RPG mechanic, in the form of “expression power,” which is awarded at the end of every battle by spectators.


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