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Use Computer Activity Monitoring Tool to Address Employee Theft in Your Organization

If you think your organization is completely free from employee theft, think again? Yes, it is right that you have surveillance camera installed at every loop and corner of your office. You have made huge investments and stringent policies to enhance security in your office. However, you will be surprised to know that despite huge investments in security systems, as much as 30% of employees are still stealing from their workplace is some or the other form. Thanks to the advancement in technology and invention of many computer activity monitoring software, you can now keep an eye on every movement of your employees and eliminate common thefts at work.

Now, before we proceed to discuss how a computer activity monitoring tool can help eliminate theft, let us have a look at what all data you can record with the use of a professional tool. Several free as well as paid monitoring tools are available in the market. However, since this is the question of your company’s security and asset management, it is always recommended to use a trusted and professional computer activity monitoring tool even if that means you will have to make some investment in purchasing the tool.
With a good and professional monitoring tool, you can:

  • Record keystrokes
  • Take screenshots
  • Monitor Internet activities
  • Get details about accessed applications
  • Save clipboard activities
  • Track passwords
  • Get details about every page that is printed
  • Record email activities and chat logs

With the above details, you can eliminate employee theft significantly. Let us have a look at some of the common theft and how computer activity monitoring can put a check on that:

Time Theft:

Companies hire their employees and pay them for their time and skills. However, if employee is using the official time for his/her own usage, the company may suffer heavy loss. By using this software, you can know about the applications, software or game they are using. Also, you will know about the time the employee is spending in visiting entertainment sites and personal email accounts thereby putting a check on time theft.

Confidential Information Theft

There are several important business information, such as your new product idea, project bid, clients billing reports, sales reports, etc that you will never want to see in your competitor’s hand. With the help of a computer activity monitoring tool, you can monitor the system of your employees with sensitive information. You can check every email they have sent outside (including deleted messages) as well as complete details about the pages that were printed.

Supplies and Inventories Theft

Most employers are more concerned about safeguarding their trade secrets and often overlook the theft of inventories and supplies. Although theft of small office supplies may not cost you a lot, but when done in bulk even it will matter. However, with the help of right software, you can monitor messages, emails, as well as any other available information to trace and find the thief.

Customer Theft

Now, this can be more sinister than you can think. There are some employees who try to build personal relationship with customers and offer them services at a low cost outside the company. This may directly affect your relationship with your customer and you may end up losing business. Therefore, it is very important to find about such thefts in your company and computer activity monitoring tool can be your helping hand in doing that.

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