Can the Ouya Uproot Traditional Gaming Markets?

Los Angeles startup company, Ouya, plans on releasing it’s upcoming game console that aims to take a bite out traditional gaming markets. The Ouya will be based off of Google’s Android operating system, allowing for the console to adopt the app market style of selling games. In fact, the Ouya system won’t operate off of disks at all, unlike it’s competitors at Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Ouya launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring in $950,000 to get the idea off the ground, but ended up with over $8.5 million. With this kind of investment and excitement, one wonders how the game console is going to compete with the large game markets. By adopting the android app market style of selling, it is easy for game developers to get into the game and have the work bought, but if other companies don’t follow suit, then Ouya will have to battle for game titles to keep itself valid. But with over 63,000 supporters, it seems that this idea already has some legs to stand on.

If this concept in gaming is successful, what does that mean to other traditional game developers? Can Ouya do to them what streaming media did to traditional cable companies? If nothing more, maybe it can help the motivate the other companies to follow suit the way Netflix and Hulu sparked streaming options with traditional providers like DirecTV. However, traditional markets in these areas haven’t lost grasp of their holds too much in the market, though Netflix and Hulu have gained some ground.

Ouya will definitely need some quality titles if they plan on staying in the game for the long run. Ouya will for now plan to partner with OnLive, a streaming service for games, and currently they do have some titles that they plan on releasing for free, if at least only for a trial, upon the release of the system. The long term success of the gaming console will be told with time, for right now, it’s nice to see an option that’s a change of pace, and something so many people can get behind.

Jordan Mendys is a blogger and media professional based out of NC. In his spare time he is a freelance photographer and video producer. Follow him @JPMendys.


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