Mac vs. PCs – How much have they sold in 2012?

First of all, this comparison is not for showing a particular brand in the limelight nor does it have something to do with pointing out the performance of a particular company. I have used both the machines and I should confess that I was equally satisfied. People responsible for today’s innovation put in a lot of brain and soul to come up with a technology and this post is to mainly realize how much their efforts have reached the people intact.

To begin with, there are two types of computers we use; the one which runs on Microsoft’s windows and the one which runs on Apple’s Macintosh OS (I like to call it Mac). Now, both of these tech giants have revolutionized the way we compute today, to a great extent and both have their own loyal fan following. But, the question is “which one has more?”

It all started here:


Microsoft released its first graphical user interface version of windows named Windows 1.0 along with MS-DOS on 20th November 1985. It later released a series of Operating systems under the names – Windows 2.0, 2.1X, 3.0/1, 95, 98, ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Initially referred to as System software, the original Macintosh was first released in 1981, and went on to be renamed as Mac OS. Some of the notable releases include Classic Mac OS and the latest OS X. It also released its own Mac powered laptops named Mac Book. The latest one (Mac Book Pro) is powered with a Retina Display and offers stunning visual quality.

Now coming to the distinction,

According to a recent report, over 78 % of the computers in the world have their operating system as Windows (be it any version), while, over 3.5% computers are found running with Mac. The recent research by Asymco reveals Microsoft reaching the zenith of sales in the year 2004 (it sold 50 times the number of Macs) and on the contrary, the 4th quarter of 2011 recorded the worst downfall of sales for both Mac and PCs (probably due to the advent of Smartphone and tablets).It is difficult to anticipate and conclude the number of sales this year as both (Windows and Mac) are ready to release their trump cards – Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

To conclude, we are now in a transition phase where tablets and Smartphones are silently creeping ahead of desktops and laptops due to their equivalent features and functions. But, with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain lion waiting to be set free, there lies certain hope somewhere and who knows, the sales of computers might eventually get back on track as well. What do you think?

This is a guest post by Jena Branch. She is a writer from and writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. To get more information, click here.


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