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21 Tips To Gain Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media sites out there and here are some tips on how to gain followers.

1. Share the photos you have on Instagram on other social sites like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. I try to post a photo on networks like twitter to create awareness of the fact that we are on Instagram and I try to make sure that it is a special photo.

2. Most of us link our companies to our Facebook and twitter accounts but only a few of us get to do the same with Instagram. You can do this by adding some of your Instagram photos on your blogs with links leading to your Instagram account.

3. Try and follow users who have interests which are similar to yours. You can do this by clicking “find friends” and then picking “suggested users”.

4. If you are looking to get more followers then your photos should not be private. The “photos are private” option should thus be off.

5. You should invite your friends from the rest of the social media sites.

6. Make sure that the photos you post are unique and eye-catching. Go for quality rather than quantity and this will attract more followers. You can get guidance from our article “3 Newbie Tips For Better Instagram Photos.”

7. It is a good idea to put descriptions on your images by commenting.

8. Use hashtags to tag your photos and this will increase the odds of your images being viewed by others. Examples include images like #sky, # cat or even # dog.

8b. There is a “Notes” application where you can store the common hashtags or the most important ones. This is also a good way for you to learn how to use them.

9. Try and be active by following others and commenting on their photos objectively. This will earn you followers especially if your comments are authentic.

10. Geotagging is another aspect which is as important as hashtags. This can help in categorizing data and content according to the location. This information has its own page which includes maps of different locations and the photos taken there.

11. You can make an announcement through email to your customers letting them know you are available on the photo sharing app.

11a. You can add Instagram on your website the same way you have Facebook or Twitter icons on your website page.

12. You can participate in the various photo contests available. Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie) is an Instagram team member who has a contest where people try to snap a photo related to a certain hashtag. Being active in the contests will earn you popularity.

13. Do not be afraid to comment on celebrity photos but make sure your comments are genuine.

14. Try to like photos by other people and they will feel the need to return the favor. However, try not to overdo it because some people may stop following you.

15. You should only seek to follow the iphonegraphers you enjoy. You will have more fun this way and you can build your own circle of friends.

16. There is a service known as which makes it easier for people to follow you from outside the Instagram application. You can sign up for this service to make it easier for them to follow you.

17. You can make use of analytics services such as which helps you track different photos you have posted and gives you how many likes and comments they received over a certain period of time. You can then be able to gather ideas according to the trends and know how to capitalize

18. If you have a good sense of humor with your comments it will add you more followers. This is because people appreciate a good laugh.

19. Share tips and tricks and you will draw followers who are looking to learn. I started sharing about applications and how to use them and it got me more followers.

20. Thank people at the end of the day for their comments and this will make them feel recognized and appreciated. They will want to keep commenting and this will add you followers.

21. Try and be genuine with your likes and comments. Enjoy the network and encourage others to be genuine too.


Holding a photo contest is another way of gaining more followers. You can come up with a gift for the winner and people who want to compete have to follow you first. You need to participate in photo contests before trying to host one so as to get a feel of how it works.

Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and instagram profile artificially.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a Commodore 64 game

If you haven’t finished GTA: Vice City yet, you don’t want to watch this C64 demake because it totally ruins the ending. Then again, if you haven’t finished Vice City yet, you’re the biggest procrastinator we’ve ever met and maybe it’s time you caught up to the rest of the world.

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Apple to buy fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356 mn

Apple Inc will buy fingerprint sensor technology developer AuthenTec Inc for about $356 million, in a deal that could put its iPhone at the center of the emerging mobile payments market.

Apple is paying $8 per share, a 58 per cent premium, for Melbourne, Florida-based AuthenTec, w hich c ounts Korean mobile de vice maker S amsung Electronics Co Ltd among its big customers.

AuthenTec — which makes fingerprint sensor chips used in personal computers and mobile devices — is one of the very few public companies that has been acquired by Apple, a company that rarely does acquisitions and tends to buy mostly startups when looking for cutting-edge technology.

Shares of AuthenTec surged $3.25, or 6 4 per cent, to $8. 32 on Nasdaq in a fternoon trading. Apple stock was u p $3.8 9 at $578.77.

AuthenTec, which was spun off from Harris Semiconductor in 1998 and went public in 2007, provides mobile security software licenses to companies like Samsung, and fingerprint sensor technology to computer makers such as Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc.

Its fingerprint technology, which is also used in mobile phones in Japan for authentication of mobile payments, could help Apple bring those services to markets such as the United States, where mobile wallet services have been slow to catch on.

Some analysts expect the next version of the iPhone to include some form of mobile payments technology.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on how Apple plans to use AuthenTec’s technology.

While companies such as Apple rival Google Inc already have mobile payments offerings, such services are not widely used in the United States and have been dogged by security concerns.

“To have security behind it would give people peace of mind. It could be a major differentiator for them,” said Dougherty & Co analyst Charlie Anderson, who noted that fingerprints are more secure than passwords because they cannot be copied or stolen.

Anderson said Apple was buying a rich portfolio of patents from AuthenTec that could help it dominate mobile payments.

Mobile wallet users will want to be sure their money is safe and would like something more secure and easier to use than passwords that have to be typed in, analysts said.

“If you’re storing credit card information in your phone for mobile payments, it would be more secure if it has fingerprint authentication rather than just a password protection,” BWS Financial analyst Khorsand Hamed said.

Anderson said Apple may continue to offer AuthenTec’s existing products to its rivals to help gain regulatory approval but it may keep future developments for its own products.

BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis said AuthenTec technology could potentially help Apple combat problems such as theft of its more portable products such as iPhones.

“If they could have a way where they could tie the phone to a user more tightly, that would make sense for them,” he said.

He described the price tag for AuthenTec as a drop in the bucket of Apple’s cash pile of $117.2 billion, and noted the company had not been as acquisitive as some other technology businesses.

“We’ll see if it’s a one off or if Tim Cook will start to level his cash balance and acquire talent,” Gillis said, referring to Apple’s chief executive.

AuthenTec, which also counts Lenovo Group Ltd and Fujitsu Ltd as customers, has annual revenue of about $70 million.

Piper Jaffray advised in the deal, the company said.


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Apple supplier Catcher Technology confirms gas leak at China plant

Catcher Technology, a casing supplier for Apple Inc, confirmed on Friday a report that a gas leak at one of its plants in Suzhou, eastern China, had caused injuries, but said the accident was unrelated to production.

China’s Xinhua Net reported late on Thursday that a chlorine gas leak during waste water processing at the plant earlier in the day had caused one death and left four people in comas.

“It has nothing to do with our production or material used. It happened when a contractor was processing waste; it was routine work. We are currently trying to understand what has gone wrong,” James Wu, Catcher’s vice president of corporate finance, told Reuters.

Wu did not confirm the number of the casualties or the nature of their injuries.

The company however later issued a statement, saying the accident involved five workers, though it also did not detail the nature of any injuries.

“The accident happened at the waste disposal facility and is not directly related to any manufacturing process, factory, or materials. This is also a single and isolated event,” the statement said.

Shares of Catcher plunged as much as 7 percent in early Taipei trading on Friday, the maximum allowed in a session, but trimmed losses to 0.91 percent at the close. The main TAIEX index was up 2.21 percent.

Last October, a separate Catcher plant in Suzhou was ordered closed for a time because of complaints from nearby residents about strong odours from gas emissions.

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Apple pitches gadget security to hacker crowd

LAS VEGAS: Apple pitched security measures in its mobile gadgets on Thursday during its first presentation at a premier gathering of hackers and those intent on thwarting cyber attacks.

The unprecedented talk by Apple head of software platform security Dallas De Atley at the 15th annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas came as hackers increasingly target smartphones at the heart of Internet Age lifestyles.

“We are really excited to be here,” De Atley said before launching into his presentation at a packed Caesars Palace ballroom.

“When we were developing the iPhone we realized there were aspects that make it different from computers,” he continued.

“Security is architecture; you have to build it in from the very beginning. It is not something you can sprinkle over your code when it is done.”

De Atley spent an hour providing insights into encryption, software keys and other security features built into the iOS operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

Hacking attacks on mobile devices, especially Apple gadgets or those powered by Google-backed Android software, were hot topics at Black Hat, where developers voiced doubt that device makers are devoted to security.

Unlike other speakers at the weeklong gathering, De Atley did not field questions from the audience. Instead, he brushed aside queries as he was ushered quickly out a side door after his talk.

His brusque departure underscored a complaint by developers, and those who craft security for Apple gadgets, that they are often left guessing answers to questions when dealing with the revered gadget maker.

“IOS is pretty secret,” said Accuvent Labs principal research consultant Charlie Miller, who is credited with the first remote hacker exploit of an iPhone.

“How do they test their software before they ship it?” he continued, rattling off a litany of questions he’d like Apple to answer. “How do they determine an application is malicious and how many times has it happened?”
In the room where De Atley made his presentation, a team from security firm FishNet later announced that in the days ahead it will release a tool designed to expose security problems in applications tailored for Apple gadgets.

“I feel like Apple’s security is reactive and not proactive,” said Seth Law of FishNet.

“They picked a great base to start from but continually get burned,” Law continued. “The fact you can jailbreak an iPhone points to the fact that it is not rock solid.”

With Apple boasting of more than 650,000 applications in its online App Store and the addition of more than a thousand a day, an automated way to check third-party software security is needed, according to the FishNet team.

Concerns in applications include whether they intrude on privacy by mining contact lists or other data on devices.

“The process for approving applications (for the App Store) is more about the business decisions than the security aspects,” Law said. “Apple’s testing in this case is the big unknown.”

The list of rules Apple provides developers calls for software to work smoothly on devices but makes no mention of security issues, according to FishNet.

“Developers out there learn to game the system to push their apps through the registration process as fast as possible,” Law said. “Apple is looking at how to best enforce their rules and make their money; they want their 30 percent cut.”

Cupertino, California-based Apple gets 30 percent of the money from sales of virtual goods or subscriptions in applications on its globally popular devices.

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