Gamestop taking pre-orders for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet

If you want the $250, 16GB version of Google and Asus’ brand-spanking-new Nexus 7 tablet , don’t have $250 handy, but do have a pile of other touch devices and games laying around, Gamestop may be able to work with you. The retail chain is currently taking pre-orders for the higher capacity version of the Nexus 7, which is expected to ship sometime in the next few weeks. It’s also now accepting Android tablets as trade-ins, and all trade-ins applied directly towards the purchase of a Nexus 7 will have their values bolstered by an additional 30 percent. For the beginning of its production run, the Nexus 7 will include a $25 credit for use in the Google Play store and the “experience” that is Transformers: Dark of the Moon . If $250 is a little rich for your blood, or you don’t think you’ll need a whole 16GB of storage, both the $200 8GB and $250 16GB models of the Nexus 7 are available for pre-order directly from Google .

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