Stiq Figures, June 11 – 17: Play it loud edition

Nintendo announced a new, much larger 3DS system this week, the Nintendo 3DS XL. For North America, the system will come in red and blue. The announcement was informative, but also boring. Nintendo has never shied away from flooding the market with colorful systems, but there was once a time when they did it with charisma.

That time was during their “Play it Loud!” marketing campaign of the mid-90’s. Nintendo showed its edgy side when advertising a variety of colored Game Boy systems. Commercials showed rebellious kids giving each other wedgies between skateboarding sessions, all set to Butthole Surfers tunes. Nintendo even suggested that kids should “give the world a wedgie.” It was chaos, and it was awesome.

Maybe we’re stuck in the 90’s, but who wouldn’t want to play today’s games as loud as the commercial seen above?

3DS: 61,793 [DOWN] 3,082 (4.75%)
Vita: 34,459 [UP] 21,076 (157.48%)
PS3: 14,673 [DOWN] 920 (5.90%)
PSP: 9,740 [DOWN] 298 (2.97%)
Wii: 5,963 [DOWN] 66 (1.09%)
PS2: 1,237 [UP] 146 (13.38%)
Xbox 360: 1,084 [UP] 83 (8.29%)
Dsi LL: 689 [UP] 74 (12.03%)
Dsi: 380 [DOWN] 3 (0.78%)


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