Turn Your iPhone into a Quality Sound System

This luxury comes with a price, however. At around $650, this case is not within the budget of the average user. If you can afford it, however, it is well worth the price, especially if you are a true lover of music. In fact, you can offset the price by considering how much money you will save by not needing to buy a professional sound system. In short, the VAMP is an amazing case/sound system for your iPhone 4 or 4S. It isn’t cheap, but this is truly a matter of getting what you pay for.

Almost everyone enjoys listening to his or her favorite tunes on the iPhone. For most people, the sound is just fine as it is. For a true music lover, however, nothing but the smooth, rich sound of a quality sound system will scratch that itch. But it is impossible to get that quality of sound from the iPhone. Or is it? Actually, if you are willing to buy some accessories, there is no reason why you can’t turn your iPhone into a supreme sound system for rocking out to your favorite music anytime.


Until recently, there have been few options for improving the sound quality of iOS devices, and users have been limited to buying really good headphones or trying to tweak the quality of the individual sound files. No more, however, thanks to V-MODA. Already popular for the Crossfade LP headphones, V-MODA just revved up the game with VAMP. VAMP is a fantastic case for the iPhone 4 and 4s that includes a built-in amp, a battery pack, and a digital to analog converter. Music lovers rejoice!


VAMP does its thing by completely bypassing the internal digital to analog converter of the iPhone. It extracts the audio signal from the iPhone and coverts it to analog with its own DAC converter. It also completely bypasses the iPhone’s amp in favor of its much better 150 mW x 2 amp. The VAMP’s built-in amp is five times as powerful as that of the iPhone, and it is specifically designed for use with professional headphones. VAMP allows users to choose from two modes for listening. One is VQ mode, which sounds somewhat like a 3D soundstage and offers increased treble and tighter base. The other is PURE mode, which plays back in original form.


Users can adjust the level of the output through a hi/lo gain switch and a volume knob. Digital output is also available to other devices through an optical output, with a promised signal/noise ratio of more than 95 dB and less than .04% distortion.


VAMP also functions as an exceptional case. It is made of aircraft-grade metal in a brushed finish and  boasts a silicone shield that absorbs shock and protects the iPhone effectively. It includes a lithium-ion battery that allows you to enjoy as many of eight hours of playback and that can double the life of your iPhone battery by flipping a switch.

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