Review: Lava Xolo X900

There’s something significant about this Android smartphone from Lava – it says Intel Inside on the back cover. In fact, Lava’s Xolo is the first Android smartphone powered by an Intel processor – a processor based on Intel’s Atom processor, which still does duty in netbooks. But what does this mean for you?

The new platform is codenamed Medfield and even though it’s a single architecture, it promises performance to match and even better many dual core smartphones. Making processors for smartphones is way different from making processors for desktops or laptops. That’s why the Atom processor here is modified for higher efficiency.

The Xolo is based on an Intel reference design. This means that it looks good and performs well. The flipside to this is that there may be other phones with exactly the same design. The device itself has a smart silver-black design and an even thickness throughout – similar to the current iPhone. The bright and responsive 4-inch screen has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution which makes it very sharp. The 8MP camera also does 1080p video in acceptable quality. Battery life is about one day with normal use. We faced no issues with call quality.

You will notice that the phone is not very thermally efficient – the lower half of the device tends to get uncomfortably warm during extended use – especially when you’re taxing it with a game or HD movie. The battery is not user replaceable and we felt the device could do with better build quality. Coming to the price – it’s roughly Rs 22,000. This puts the Xolo at a disadvantage.

On one hand, it has Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus as competition. The Galaxy S Plus will not match the Xolo in performance, but it has Samsung’s excellent Amoled screen, plus the assurance that it comes from the world’s largest cellphone maker (by unit sales). You could also consider Motorola’s Atrix 2 – a dual core Android smartphone with better build quality, dual core processor, larger display (4.3-inch vs 4-inch), expandable storage, faster camera and similar performance levels for about the same price.


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