Why Android OS for Apps and Game Development?

Android operating system has revolutionized the smartphone/tablet market. Google’s highly flexible OS, Android is heaven for mobile application and game developers. Launched in 2008, it has, in last four years, successfully captured the lion’s share of smartphone industry. Almost all famous smartphone/tablet makers are now using Android OS to offer their customers world-class services.

Google Play Store (previously known as “Android Market”) is one of the largest applications and games marketplaces. There are more than 240,000 apps and games in Android market and most of these applications are free, while some of them are paid. Companies like Rovio, makes thousands of dollars by selling games like “Angry Birds.”

If you are working at a web programming company and want to enter the mobile application development industry, Android is your ticket. Here are some of the factors that make Android a better OS than any other mobile operating system.

1. Low Entry Barrier – Don’t have enough money to pay the license fee? Don’t worry; Android is not going to ask you for license fee or development tools. You can develop an app or a game without spending a single penny.

2. Open Source Platform – You can customize your application in any way your prefer because Android does not levy any strict rules for customization. Google also regularly updates this powerful operating system and informs developers about new features in advance. So, you can upgrade your current applications to match updated OS standards. App developers can also provide feedback to the Google Android development team and suggest new improvements.

3. Great Platform for Java Programmers – Android applications are developed using Java. Therefore, if you know Java, you can start developing an Android application comfortably.

4. Variety of Distribution Platform – Unlike some “high end” operating systems like iOS and Blackberry, you can distribute an Android application in different application stores (Google Play and Blackberry App World). Besides that, you can also develop your own app distribution channels. It’s true that third party app markets have their own app publication rules, but because there is no single and controlled market, you will always find a platform to release your application.

5. Best Inter Application Integration – This is one the biggest benefits of Android OS. If you want to create a suite of applications like MS Office, Android is there to help you. You can develop an inter-process architecture and integrate different applications for better user experience.

Android is the ideal platform for every app developer. If your app gains popularity in the application markets, you can be successful and rich within a very short span of time.

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