The Dangers of Excessive MMO Gaming

It’s a fact that some form of play is necessary to human sanity and indeed, to human development. Our first few years are devoted to little more than play. Babies and young children learn about their environment by playing. For older people, games are necessary in order to release stress and introduce some endorphins into the bloodstream. Form many, competitive games are a way of indulging in aggressive activities without doing any actual harm. Within the framework of sports, competition becomes a positive outlet for the biological urge to be faster, stronger and smarter. In fact, in ancient times sports and games often served as an acknowledge means to keep the population fighting-fit at all times. Today, games are played not just on the field or at the playground but also in cyberspace. MMO gaming or Massively Multiplayer Online gaming refers to the act of playing video games in an environment that supports multiple players, numbering as many as hundreds or thousands. MMO gaming naturally takes place over the internet and can be accessed via personal computers or gaming consoles. MMO gaming is so popular because it allows for role playing and even extended bouts of socialization. Its benefits can include improving critical thinking skills, manual dexterity and the honing one’s ability to play in teams. However , excessive MMO gaming can also lead to several negative effects. The first negative effect of too much MMO gaming is an increased tendency to aggression. Studies show that children who were constantly exposed to combat-themed online games tended to get into more fights and indulge in violent behavior. This increased tendency to violence is explained by the fact that violent acts are performed repeatedly while gaming, which makes the players desensitized to aggression. Too much MMO gaming can also lead to a certain detachment from reality, including a tendency to ignore responsibilities and social norms. When a person is constantly playing video games online, he may reach the point where he finds the virtual world preferable to the real one and begin neglecting school, work and family responsibilities. Often, the gaming begins as a distraction from the stress of daily life and a chance to indulge in a virtual world where circumstances can be controlled to a certain extent. Real problems arise when virtual reality becomes preferable to actual reality, and what was once only a distraction becomes the center around which a person’s life revolves. Check out for more information on online gaming.

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