Anonymous takes on internet censorship‎

CHANDIGARH: Volunteers of the group, ” Anonymous” held a protest against internet censorship by the government of India. The protest was held at Sector-17 Plaza from 4pm to 5.30pm and the group raised slogans like, “Kapil Sibbal Get Well Soon”, “Madras High Court Get Well Soon”.

“We don’t want anything to be censored online because now-a-days the web is an effective tool to express thoughts and share things with others – be it through social networking or emails,” said a volunteer from the group. “Without Internet, people cannot be liberated,” added another participant.

A CA student, Vaibhav Gumber who also joined the protest, said, “By blocking websites the government of India is blocking our expression.” The demonstrations come in the wake of a March 29 court order in Chennai asking 15 Indian Internet providers to block access to file-sharing websites.


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