Ubisoft registers ‘Just Dance Floor’ domains

Ubisoft’s big pre-E3 press conference is roughly 48 hours away, and while common sense dictates that the announcement of a new Just Dance game is as likely as tomorrow’s rising sun, nothing official has happened quite yet. There are intriguing clues, however, such as JustDanceFloor.com and Just-DanceFloor.com, two new Ubisoft-owned domains uncovered by the intrepid detectives at Fusible . The trouble with URLs is that they generally divulge very little in the way of context , especially when it comes to titles. Are these addresses for Just Dance: Floor , or Just DanceFloor ? Just Dance: Floor would be a really terrible play on words, since the next Just Dance game in the series would be the fourth one. But, if it’s Just DanceFloor , why is “Floor” capitalized? Okay, now the word “floor” just looks weird.

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