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Games That Won’t Kill Your Ultrabook

Many people aren’t yet familiar with the term “ultrabook,” but they’ve seen them everywhere. Ultrabooks are very thin, lightweight laptop computers designed for commuters, students and others who need to work and communicate while on the go. Trademarked by the Intel Corporation, ultrabooks have become very popular because they offer both long battery life and strong performance. Their solid-state drives provide space-efficient storage and eliminate the possibility of data loss caused by loss of power or trauma to the laptop itself. Furthermore, Ultrabooks have recently become much more affordable, and savvy shoppers can save even more with a Dell or HP coupon code.

Ultrabooks aren’t just for business, however; many people also enjoy playing games on them. Because these computers are built for efficiency and portability, most models lack the processing power necessary for many huge, graphic-intensive games. Getting the best Ultrabook gaming experience isn’t very hard; it’s all about picking the right game.

One of the most popular and impressive Ultrabook games is World of Goo, a whimsical physics game that requires players to save anthropomorphic balls of tar by combining them in complex ways. The impressive graphics run very smoothly on an Ultrabook, and World of Goo lends itself to short gaming sessions, which makes it a great choice for a rail commute or a flight.

Minecraft is another excellent option for the Ultrabook. It’s tremendously popular almost everywhere, and offers a perpetual, immersive play experience in random-generated worlds. No two Minecraft sessions are identical. Gamers can even play online, forming alliances to explore the unfolding game world and create more complex structures.

Many venerable console and PC games also play well on an Ultrabook. Bioshock and Mass Effect and World of Warcraft are excellent examples; for optimum performance, set the graphics detail and display distance to “medium.

Fans of realtime strategy (RTS) games will be thrilled to learn that Age of Empires runs seamlessly on an Ultrabook. This game lets players shape entire civilizations over thousands of years, beginning at the Stone Age. There are many available goals; some players try to win by defeating all of their enemy civilizations, while others pursue victory by exploring the entire world or amassing vast reserves of money and valuables. The high level of control Age of Empires gives players is one of the greatest reasons for its enduring popularity. It’s an excellent candidate for the Ultrabook platform.

Ultrabooks offer the best of both worlds: functionality and convenience. If you are willing to be flexible on size, newer models that have the powerful Nvidia GT 640M processor will be able to enjoy all your favorite games, not just older ones. While it does make the ultrabook a little bigger than most models currently on the market, it does fit within the 21mm thick size standard set by Intel. What’s not to love about a thin, light laptop that doesn’t greatly compromise on performance?

Daria Cortese is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast living with five cats and one husband in the greater Philadelphia area.

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17 minutes of Tokyo Jungle gameplay to make your day better

Even in the apocalypse, love can blossom. Take the pomeranian in this long Tokyo Jungle clip, for example. After foraging for food, he finds a mate and then – well, we’re a family friendly website. If you haven’t had “the talk” with your folks, you may want to do that before watching this.


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Awesomenauts soundtrack now available, win it on vinyl Ne

The Awesomenauts soundtrack, created by Sonic Picnic, is now available separately. The entire soundtrack can be sampled for free right here , and you can purchase a download of your own for the pay-what-you-want price of $2 or more. In addition, those who spend at least $5 will get a chance to win the Awesomenauts soundtrack on vinyl (as seen in the video above). That won’t be your only chance to win a copy of the vinyl soundtrack either. We managed to snag a few copies ourselves, so keep your eye on Joystiq for a giveaway soon.

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Google to build new web addresses including ‘.lol’

WASHINGTON: Google has said it plans to run an array of new top-level domains, including “.google”, “.youtube” and “.docs”, as part of a major expansion of the web’s addressing system.

The search giant would also run “.lol”, a top-level domain that would refer to the common online abbreviation for “laugh out loud”, as the firm thought that “.lol” had “interesting and creative potential”.

According to The Telegraph, Google had kept its plans secret in an attempt to avoid rival bids until Thursday, when the deadline for applications passed.

In total Google has made more than 50 applications to Icann, which is the closest organisation to a governing body for the internet, for new alternatives to “.com” or “”.

It signaled to the fact that Google could offer each YouTube channel its own simple address. For instance, the current could become

Vint Cerf, one of the inventors of the internet, who now works for Google, said that an expanded addressing system could make it easier for web users to find things online.

“By opening up more choices for Internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse and perhaps shorter – signposts in cyberspace,” he wrote on the firm’s blog.

The full list of almost 2,000 applications is due to be published on 13 June, because of a delay caused by a technical glitch in the application system.

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Microsoft rolls out more social Bing search

SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft on Friday rolled out a revamped Bing that includes insights from Facebook and Twitter in the biggest overhaul of the search service since its launch three years ago.

“Most things in life are better with people you trust,” Microsoft said in a release announcing that the changes promise in May have arrived.

“The new social features in Bing make it easy to exchange ideas, share opinions and take action, giving searchers the same confidence they get from bouncing an idea off a friend.”

Google in January meshed posts from its social network into search results based on a similar belief that people value input from friends or others they respect.

The new version of Bing features a “social sidebar” that will list Facebook friends who may know something about a query topic, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has been doggedly working to increase its share of a lucrative Internet search market dominated for years by California-based Google.

Microsoft in late 2007 paid $240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook.

The investment put Microsoft in a position to build a relationship with Facebook, which has a stated mission of making the Internet more social.


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