Twitter updates its policies‎

Twitter is growing at a rapid pace and the company just announced that they have updated Twitter and its policies to bring a couple of new features and addons. As per the update, users will now receive a weekly e-mail that will showcase the latest and the most interesting news and items that they might have missed from people they are connected to on Twitter. This new e -mail is going to roll out to everyone over the next few weeks, so keep checking your inbox for new messages from Twitter. Like other Twitter e-mail notifications, you can manage your preferences for this new digest in your Notification Settings. An interesting part of this new e-mail feature is that now you can see the most engaging or popular tweets that can be seen by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who have written them. You can see the number of people from your network who have retweeted or have chosen those tweets to be their favourite. New languages have been added as well, so you can set your preferred language by changing it in the settings. The Discover tab has been updated as well.

Along with this, the company has brought a number of updates to its Privacy Policy, too. As per the changes, they’ve now provided more details about the information that they collect and how they use it to deliver their services. The company has also given an example: Their new tailored suggestions feature is based on your recent visits to websites that integrate Twitter buttons and widgets and it is beginning to roll out to users in a number of countries. More details about that are available here. The company has also suggested ways to set your preferences to limit, modify or remove the information they collect. The DNT (Do Not Track) browsers setting is now supported – this stops the collection of information for tailored suggestions. They’ve clarified limited circumstances in which information can be shared with others (including when the user has given the permission, or when the data isn’t private or personal). It’s important to note that their policy is not intended to limit user rights to object to a third party’s request for information.


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